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Year City County The accused Victims What happened
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Weapon Deaths Outcome Circumstances
2013 Not filled out Miami-Dade Jordan Beswick
Bryan Antonio DeJesus
Burglary gun 1 dismissed Jordan Beswick was home alone when someone knocked on the door and then he heard someone coming through the sliding door. Beswick grabbed his gun and fired a when DeJesus came out of the bedroom. Beswick then ran outside and when he saw DeJesus open the blinds to come out the window, he fired the fatal shot. Beswick was charged with second-degree murder.
2013 Brandon Hillsborough Ralph L. Wald
Walter Conley
See case for details gun 1 acquitted 70-year-old, Ralph Wald woke up at midnight, walked into his living room and found a younger man having sex with his wife on the floor. He retrieved his .38 revolver from his bedroom and shot Water Conley in the stomach and head. Although Conley had once lived with Wald's wife in a house next door to his, Wald said he didn't recognize him and he thought his wife was being raped by an intruder. The defense sited the Stand Your Ground law and said Wald had no duty to retreat when facing a perceived danger in his own home and he had military training in what to do with the enemy.
2012 Hollywood Broward Unnamed Defendant
Unnamed Victim
Unprovoked attack knife 0 granted immunity No one is named in this case. The video tape shows a man make a gesture and comment to a young man on a skateboard outside a gas station. The skateboarder approaches the man and is attacked. The brother of the attacker comes out the door and joins in the fight. They go after the skateboarder again when he tries to leave and throw one of their bicycles at him. The skateboarder finally pulls a knife and stabs the first attacker to get away. There were two men at the Hess station watching the fight but they didn't seem to get involved. The 17-year-old skateboarder was charged with aggravated battery in the stabbing.
2012 Ocala Marion Dan Daley
Willie Chester
argument turned violent gun 1 not charged Dan Daley went to Willie Chester's duplex to complain about Chester's dog barking too much. A verbal altercation ensued, but Daley turned and walked away. According to Ocala.com, Chester ran into the street, confronted Daley and began beating him. Daley shot Chester as many as six times, fatally wounding him.
2012 Sarasota Sarasota Charles Daily
Tony Waters
Domestic argument gun 1 pending Some details are disputed but at 4 a.m. on April 13th there was an argument and Charles Daily shot his stepfather 14 times. Daily said Tony Waters had come home drunk and belligerent and started attacking him and his mother. He said that Waters came at him with a knife and he shot him. Daily called 911 but did not mention the knife until later when he was interviewed by sheriff's deputies. Upon returning to the crime scene, deputies did not find a knife laying by the body. Daily's mother said she moved the knife to the kitchen and deputies found other evidence had also been tampered with. Daily was charged with second-degree murder.
2012 Plant City Hillsborough Sonya Maret
William Kitchen-Jones
Domestic dispute none 0 granted immunity William Kitchen-Jones told police that his wife, Sonya Maret, "is going crazy'' and was scratching him all over his neck and arm. Maret told police she was acting in self-defense and that her husband had slapped her, kicked her and held her on the ground. Police believed Maret instigated the confrontation and charged her. She argued self defense.
2012 Brandon Hillsborough Samuel H. Shuttleworth
Daniel S. Oliver
Domestic argument gun 1 not charged Deputies responded to a neighbor's 911 call reporting fight had broken out between two roommates. Daniel Oliver was killed by a single gunshot to the chest. Both had criminal records, access to guns in their home and there were no witnesses. Samuel Shuttleworth said they were both armed and Oliver had repeatedly attacked him before the shooting occurred. Shuttleworth claimed he only acted in self defense when he fired his shotgun.
2012 Pensacola Escambia Andrew Smith
Keith Quackenbush
argument turned violent knife 0 granted immunity Andrew Smith and Keith Quackenbush went out with friends. Later in the evening they were in Smith's car and they got into an argument. Quackenbush was asked to get out of the vehicle. He refused but Smith was able to remove him from the vehicle and tried to the leave the area. Quackenbush got back in and Smith removed him again. Quackenbush then jumped on the vehicle and there was a physical altercation. Quackenbush cut Smith with a box cutter and Smith grabbed his knife and stabbed Quackenbush several times. Police arrived and arrested Smith. Quackenbush was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries but recovered. Smith was charged with Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon.
2012 Brandon Hillsborough Gerald Terrell Jones
Daniel Drake
Drug deal gone bad gun 0 acquitted Daniel Drake, then 21, said he brought a half-pound of "hydro" marijuana to a yard in Brandon intending to make a sale to Gerald Terrell Jones, then 17. They got in a car to do the transaction whereupon Jones allegedly displayed a gun. Drake's partner said he wrestled away the gun but for some reason gave it back to Jones. Jones and Drake then got out of the car, scuffled and Jones, who said he felt himself losing consciousness, shot Drake in the face.
2012 St. Petersburg Pinellas Michael A. Jock
Randall White
argument turned violent gun 0 pending Randall White got mad because his pizza was taking longer than the 10 minutes he was promised and he started yelling at the Little Caesars servers. Another man in line, Michael Jock, admonished White and it turned physical. White raised his fist and Jock pulled his gun and fired. The men fought and the gun went off again. White was hit twice in the abdomen. When police arrived, Jock told them he had a concealed-weapons permit and that the shooting was justified under the "stand your ground" law. White was taken the hospital for treatment and released. Jock was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
2012 Tampa Hillsborough Shawn Aaron Penn
D'Angelo Marrero
Fight at bar/party none 0 plea Police had just broken up one fight in the wee hours of the morning near Club Czar in Ybor City when they saw a nearby brawl in which Shawn Penn kicked D'Angelo Marrero multiple times in the head and torso while Marrero was on the ground engaged with three other combatants. During the melee, officers breaking up the fight saw a pistol on the ground. Although it was Penn's legally-owned weapon, Penn did not use it and was not sure how it came out of its holster. Penn was charged with battery on Marrero and resisting arrest without violence.
2012 Leesburg Lake Jakob Penrod
Gregory Keith Gayle
domestic dispute gun 1 not charged Gayle had been staying with his sister and her fiance for three weeks when an argument turned violent. Penrod grabbed his gun & locked himself and his pregnant fiance in the bathroom. Gayle forced his way into the bathroom and hit Penrod in the face. Penrod fatally shot Gayle because he was in fear for life. Witnesses, including some of Gayle's relatives, agreed with Penrod's description of the events and he was not arrested.
2012 Fort Lauderdale Broward Evio Landa
Nicholas Pastor
Unprovoked attack gun 0 not charged Evio Landa and his sons approached Nicholas Pastor at Mangos and asked for an apology for throwing a used tissue at his son's car. There was a confrontation and Landa and his sons left the restaurant and went in different directions. Pastor soon followed the older Landa and took off his shirt, seeming ready to fight. Witnesses said that Landa warned Pastor to stay away from him because he had a gun and they saw Pastor knock Landa to the ground and pummel him. After several blows Landa shot Pastor once in the chest. Landa had a concealed weapons permit for the derringer and remained at the scene to be interviewed by police. Pastor survived the gunshot wound and recovered.
2012 Sanford Seminole George Zimmerman
Trayvon Martin
Citizen enforcing the law gun 1 acquitted George Zimmerman was driving in his gated neighborhood when he spotted Trayvon Martin, 17, walking on a paved path between two sets of townhouses. Zimmerman, head of the Neighborhood Watch, called the police to report a suspicious person and began following Martin, first in a car and later on foot. Zimmerman's father said his son said Martin then threatened him, punched him in the nose and knocked him to the concrete. Zimmerman pulled a gun from a holster on his waist and shot Martin. Zimmerman claimed self-defense and was found not guilty by a jury on July 13, 2013.
2012 Miami Lakes Miami-Dade Maury Hernandez
Alain Romero
Argument turned violent gun 0 not charged A retired Broward County Sheriff's deputy on an outing to an ice cream shop with his fiance, kids and mother shot a homeless man. Maury Hernandez was having lunch with his family when a man who had been aggressively panhandling tried to assault the children, he told police. He said Alain Romero took a swing at him before Hernandez shot him multiple times, leaving him wounded. Police had previously responded to reports that Romero was aggressive that day with other patrons. Romero was unarmed.
2012 Miami Miami-Dade Greyston Garcia
Pedro Roteta
Robbery knife 1 granted immunity When Greyston Garcia discovered Pedro Roteta was stealing his car radio, he grabbed a knife, ran downstairs and chased Roteta down the street. After confronting Roteta, who reportedly had a closed pocketknife in his back pocket, Garcia fatally stabbed him. He said the man swung a heavy bag of car radios at his head. The incident was caught on camera. Garcia went home and fell asleep without calling 911, court records show. Garcia initially denied any involvement in the situation, but changed his story after police showed him videotape from a nearby store security camera. The officer who supervised the case asked,"How can it be stand your ground"?
2012 Palm Harbor Pinellas Seth Browning
Brandon Patrick Baker
Citizen enforcing the law gun 1 not charged Seth Browning, a 23-year-old security guard, used pepper spray and then his gun to fatally shoot Brandon Baker, 30, after Baker approached his car and punched him. Baker's twin brother, who witnessed the incident, said Browning had been tailgating Brandon before the altercation. The brothers, driving separately, stopped their cars to confront the tailgater. Investigators said the unarmed Brandon Baker got out of his truck, aggressively approached Browning and reached into the vehicle to punch him, prompting Browning to shoot. He remained at the scene until deputies arrived and said he was concerned about Brandon's driving and had followed closely to get his tag number. Browning is a security guard who once served in Afghanistan.
2012 Port St. Lucie St. Lucie Terry McKeliver
Marcus Samuel
Argument turned violent gun 1 pending After a fight on the basketball courts, both men ran to their cars to get weapons. Terry McKeliver said the other man aimed his gun first, so he shot, killing 25-year-old Margate resident Marcus Samuel. McKeliver drove away. When police stopped his car, they found marijuana in his passenger's lap.
2012 Jacksonville Duval Michael David Dunn
Jordan Russell Davis
Argument turned violent gun 1 guilty Michael David Dunn pulled into a gas station parking lot next to a black SUV with tinted windows and loud music. He asked Jordan Davis, a passenger in the back seat, to turn the music down. There were words exchanged and Dunn pulled out a gun and shot at the SUV, at least, eight times. Dunn said he fired in self-defense because he saw a shotgun and didn't know how many people were in the SUV. He also said he didn't think he hit anyone so he just left the scene and drove 159 miles to his home in Brevard County. Davis was hit twice and killed. No one else in the SUV was injured and no weapons were found at the scene. Dunn was arrested the following day and charged with murder and attempted murder.
2011 Largo Pinellas Christopher Paul Pink
Shawn Byers
Unprovoked attack none 0 plea On their way home from work, Shawn Byers dropped off the girlfriend of defendant Christopher Pink at Pink's Largo residence. According to the arrest affidavit, Pink attacked Byers as Byers was trying to walk the girlfriend to her car. Pink allegedly reached into Byers' vehicle, head-butted him and pushed him against the passenger seat. Byers fled the vehicle through the passenger door, the affidavit says.
2011 Miramar Broward David Justin Wilson
Jewell Omar Williams
Dispute over money/property gun 1 not charged David Justin Wilson was repossessing a Dodge Magnum just after midnight when the owner's neighbor tried to intervene and Wilson shot and killed him. The two began shooting at each other, but there is dispute between Wilson and a witness over who started the confrontation. Jewell Omar Williams, 26, was killed in the exchange. A neighbor told the Sun Sentinel in Sept. 2011 that he saw Wilson fire first and that Williams was leaving by the time he was shot. Investigators said Williams fired his gun several times, missing each time. Wilson then retrieved a gun from his truck and fired back, killing Williams. Wilson called 911 and waited for police.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Carlos A. Catalan-Flores
Uriel Pena-Gutierrez
Fight at bar/party gun 0 granted immunity Carlos Catalan-Flores, a bouncer at Flash Dancers strip club, claimed self defense when he fired six shots at Uriel Pena-Guiterrez, who had thrown at least one beer bottle at him. Pena-Guiterrez hurled the bottle after the bouncer forced him and his friends to pour out their beer in the parking lot of the West Tampa club. The bottle missed Catalan-Flores, who had his back toward the wall of the club with the group of men in front of him. The bouncer testified that he carried a baton and pepper spray but felt the gun was the only way to protect himself against the men. Pena-Guiterrez, who was not carrying a gun, recovered from the shooting.
2011 Ocala Marion Ashley Ari McCullough
Regina Patricia Crosky
argument turned violent chair 0 not charged Ashley Ari McCullough and Patricia Crosky had an intimate relationship. As Crosky told police, McCullough, who had been drinking and got upset about someone stealing a dollar from her. When Crosky tried to calm her down, McCullough hit her on the head with a chair and also stomped and kicked her when she fell to the ground. According to McCullough, she thought Crosky was going to hit her so she struck first. McCullough apparently then followed Crosky to another residence, where Crosky stabbed her with a pocketknife.
2011 Ocala Marion Regina Patricia Crosky
Ashley Ari McCullough
argument turned violent knife None not charged Ashley Ari McCullough and Patricia Crosky had an intimate relationship. As Crosky told police, McCullough, who had been drinking and got upset about someone stealing a dollar from her. When Crosky tried to calm her down, McCullough hit her on the head with a chair and also stomped and kicked her when she fell to the ground. According to McCullough, she thought Crosky was going to hit her so she struck first. McCullough apparently then followed Crosky to another residence, where Crosky stabbed her with a pocketknife.
2011 Royal Palm Beach Palm Beach Damian Niemeyer
Benjy Young
Attempted theft gun 1 not charged Damian Niemeyer, 37, was standing at his second-floor bedroom window late at night/early morning when he heard three men outside in the parking lot. When he saw them trying to back his motorcycle into a truck, Niemeyer called 911, then yelled at them. Niemeyer said one of the men responded by pointing a gun up at the window. Niemeyer then fired his gun at the group, fatally shooting Benjy Young, 19. The other men fled the scene. The pickup truck they had been using turned out to have been stolen that evening.
2011 Miami Shores Miami-Dade Jack Davis
Reynaldo Muñoz
Burglary gun 1 not charged Reynaldo Muñoz, a 20-year-old deaf man, was trying to steal a WaveRunner from a Miami Shores dock when the owners saw him and called 911. Dispatchers recorded Yasmin Davis telling her 14-year-old son to "get the gun." Moments later the boy fired, the shot recorded on the 911 tape. Police found Muñoz's body floating in the bay. A lawyer for the victim's family has argued that the shooting was unnecessary and that Muñoz was not on the shooter's property when the gun was fired. Originally, the family told police that Muñoz threatened them, according to Miami Herald reports. But one of Muñoz's former teachers said that would be impossible because he was nearly deaf and could not be understood when he spoke.
2011 St. Petersburg Pinellas Walter Bishop Harvey
Shaquiesha A. Cubby
Unprovoked attack knife 0 guilty According to one of his sisters, Monique Harvey, Walter Harvey Jr. had been harassing the victim, Shagueisha Cubby, to the point she was in the process of getting a temporary injunction. Monique picked up Cubby, who is her partner, from work and as they were driving home they saw Walter, who yelled from his car, "Bitch, I will kill you if I go to jail.'' When they arrived home, Walter and another of his sisters, Gulanda Saxton, pulled up. Gulanda swung at Cubby with a knife, cutting her twice, and Walter Harvey then punched her in the left side of the face three times. Monique Harvey told police that her brother Walter is a violent person and she thought he was capable of following through on his threat to kill Cubby.
2011 Naples Collier John Orr
Jon Wayne Joseph
Argument turned violent knife 1 pending John Orr, 37, stabbed a 63-year-old Naples man, Jon Wayne Joseph, 75 times. Orr claimed he did it in self-defense because Joseph was on top of him, bashing his head into the ground, gouging his eyes and threatening to kill him. But prosecutors argued that the location of blood stains and Orr's lack of wounds ran counter to his claim. Most of the blood on Orr's body was near his armpit, suggesting he had the victim in a headlock as he repeatedly stabbed. The violent attack was preceded by an argument and by Joseph ramming his bicycle into Orr as he walked through the Lake Park neighborhood. Joseph was unarmed.
2011 Pensacola Escambia Tabbatha Nussbaumer
Sean Thomas Harris
Home invasion gun 1 not charged Tabbatha Nussbaumer, a 36-year-old reserve Florida Highway Patrol trooper, came out of the shower to find a stranger with a bow and arrow in her house. He asked where the money was, and she lured the man outside to her truck, away from her 9-year-old son. As he followed her outside, she told police, he took off his clothes. She said she fetched a gun from her truck and told him to get on the ground. Instead, he advanced toward her and she fired once, she told police. Sean Thomas Harris, a neighbor, died. He was found to have had cocaine, cannabis, opiates, methadone and amphetamines in his system.
2011 Riviera Beach Palm Beach Michael Monahan
Raymond Mohlman
Matthew Vittum
Dispute over money/property gun 2 granted immunity Michael Monahan, a disabled veteran, shot and killed two men who cornered him in the cabin of his sailboat during an argument. Monahan told police the men had tried to remove him from the sailboat, which he said he had previously bought from one of the men, Raymond "Ramie" Mohlman. Mohlman was angry because Monahan had allowed the boat to be ticketed while still registered in Mohlman's name. Mohlman and the other victim, Matthew Vittum, had both been drinking. Prosecutors argued that neither victim was armed when boarding the boat and that neither had touched the shooter during the argument. Legally, Mohlman still owned the boat at the time.
2011 Bristol Liberty Stacey Marshall House
Victor Marlowe
Argument turned violent gun 0 guilty Stacey Marshall House was sitting in his truck when a day-long quarrel with Victor Marlowe came to a head. House shot Marlowe through the passenger window. He said he fired because the man threw a bottle at him, but police found no bottle in the car. After he was shot, Marlowe went around the truck and stabbed House through the driver's window. House had stab wounds on his left torso and right forearm. Investigators found Marlowe's version of events more believable, in part because House changed his story. He first told police he had fired a warning shot straight up before shooting Marlowe, but there was no hole in his roof.
2011 Vero Beach Indian River Arzie Lee Tory
John Ross
argument turned violent gun 0 granted immunity 48-year-old Arzie Tory was threatened and assaulted by a much younger co-worker after arriving at his lawn maintenance job. After Tory was punched in the eye, he fled to his car and got his semi-automatic handgun. He warned John Ross to stay away from him. Tory did not fire the gun but he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Tory was treated at the hospital for a cut near his eye.
2011 St. Petersburg Pinellas Nicholas David Bowers
Kelsey Ann Sparnon
Roommate dispute none 0 plea Nicholas David Bowers argued that he was protecting himself and his home from an intruder when his female roommate unexpectedly crawled through a window in the dark. He said he stopped choking her when he realized who it was and only knocked her to the ground when she hit him. But the roommate and her friends say Bowers purposefully locked them out after an argument and refused to open the door even though he knew it was his roommate. Bowers was arrested on simple battery charges.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Alcisviades Polanco
Wathson Adelson
Road rage ice pick 1 not charged After Alcisviades Polanco's car cut him off in traffic, Wathson Adelson, 20, passed him, blocked the road with his car, then walked back to confront Polanco, 62. The argument escalated. Polanco grabbed an icepick from his car and stabbed Adelson in the head and arm. Adelson, who was unarmed, died three weeks later. Polanco told police that Adelson punched him in the head and body, and the two were tussling on the ground when Polanco stabbed Adelson in the arm and head. He said Adelson was pulling on his collar so it felt like he was being choked. One eyewitness told deputies that after a heated dispute, the two men "squared off like fighting cocks" and ran at each other, ending up on the ground.
2011 Largo Pinellas James Allen McNamara
Elmer Chancellor Pyles
Argument turned violent none 0 granted immunity James McNamara was one of four drunken men fighting when police arrived. One deputy said another man was the primary aggressor against McNamara, who was trying to pull away. Another deputy arrested McNamara, however, for resisting arrest. He was also charged with disorderly conduct.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Jimmy Lee Cruz
Walter J.J. Revear
Party/Bar Fight gun 1 plea A fight between dozens of people broke out outside the Interstate Lounge on the night of May 17, 2011. Several women threatened to use mace and a stun gun on Jimmy Lee Cruz and he threw a drink into the crowd. J.J. Revear reacted by punching Cruz' brother, Mike, and he continued to beat him when he fell to the ground. Cruz came to his brother's defense with a gun and shot Revear in the temple. The Cruz brothers and a friend fled in their car. J.J. Revear was the poster boy for a flawed juvenile justice system in the mid 1990's. He had been given breaks, had landed in jail and in a mental institution.
2011 Clearwater Pinellas Joshua Allen Simons
Johnathon Currie Bond
Argument turned violent knife 0 plea Joshua Allen Simons stabbed Johnathon Currie Bond with a pocket knife during a fight. Bond's ex-girlfriend said Bond had struck her during an argument between the two homeless people. Simons stepped in and wound up on the ground in a fight with Bond. Police reports say he stabbed the unarmed Bond more than once during the tussle and fled the scene. Simons told police Bond managed to take his pocket knife during the fight and then he got mad and blacked out and is not sure how he got the knife back.
2011 St. Petersburg Pinellas Josephine Rebecca Smith
Milton Bennett Ellis
Alleged sexual assault none 0 plea Milton Bennett Ellis Jr. said he was sleeping on the patio outside a vacant Hooter's restaurant when he woke to find a woman on top of him screaming that she was a vampire. Ellis, who uses a wheelchair, said he tried to fend the woman off as she bit off chunks of his face and part of his lip. Witnesses who called 911 said they heard a woman screaming and a man shaking her and trying to hush her up. Police arrested Josephine Smith, who was found partly clothed with numerous bruises. Smith, who was intoxicated, said she did not remember what happened. Ellis was 69 at the time, Smith was 22. Smith was charged with aggravated battery on an elderly person.
2011 St. Petersburg Pinellas Patrick Albert Smith
Olen Roy Dykes
Argument turned violent knife 0 plea The victim, Olen Dykes, 79, was walking with his wife into Walmart when he passed Patrick Smith, who was muttering profanities as he was locking up his bike in front of the store. When Dykes told Smith to watch his mouth, Smith stabbed Dykes in the back of his shoulder. Dykes threw a punch at Smith, but missed and fell on his knee on the ground. Dykes did not realize he had been stabbed and proceeded into Walmart with his wife to do his shopping. When he came out, he discovered his shirt was covered with blood. He took his wife home to Madeira Beach, then drove himself to Northside Hospital. Meanwhile, police responding to a call about a brawl outside Walmart found Smith waiting with Walmart security. Smith claimed Dykes swung at him first and he feared for his safety. Accounts by several witnesses confirmed Dykes' account.
2011 Tallahassee Leon Jerome Jones
Argument turned violent gun 0 plea Jerome Jones, his girlfriend and her sister drove to a Tallahassee home so the girlfriend could confront another girl about a Facebook posting. A fight broke out between the girls. When his girlfriend appeared to be losing the fight, Jones pulled a gun and aimed it at the one girl and her family. He then ran to a nearby house and told residents there he was being chased by people with bricks. Jones later told police the gun was a toy and that his girlfriend left with it before the police arrived. There were no serious injuries. Jones was charged with assault and with resisting arrest.
2011 Orlando Orange Craig Sandhaus
Milton Torres
Fight at bar/party knife 1 pending Craig Sandhaus fatally stabbed a bouncer at the Lodge bar after the bouncer and his brother began fighting. Sanhaus claimed several bouncers were assaulting his brother while one of them restrained him, so he used a knife to get free. A judge ruled he could have used his fists instead of the large knife. Milton Torres, 25, died after being stabbed three times. The Sandhaus brothers were being escorted out of the Lodge because patrons complained they were pouring beer on them from the balcony. Sandhaus said the bouncer used his hands to mimic a gun and then shoved his brother, sparking the fight.
2011 Miami Miami-Dade Ruben Ferrer
Robbery none 0 pending It was 2 a.m. when Ruben Ferrer was walking home after getting jumper cables to help start a friend's car. He was approached by drunk man asking for a cigarette. According to Ferrer, when he said no, the man threatened him, blocked his way and reached for a knife in his waistband. Ferrer punched him, took the knife and ran away, only to be picked up by a Miami police officer, searched and arrested when a marijuana cigarette was found. Ferrer's attorney argued for immunity in an attempt to suppress the evidence of the marijuana. Ferrer's public defender argued that he was standing his ground and should never have been arrested, therefore the police search was illegal.
2011 Tallahassee Leon Latravis Curry
Vonnell Smith
Domestic dispute none 0 pending The victim, Vonnell Smith, was at Latravis Curry's house to pick up her children when Curry took her cellphone and began questioning her about a new phone number in her directory. The two had dated previously but were separated. Curry said he was sitting in a chair when Smith pushed him during the argument. He said he merely pushed her back, then left. But Smith said he started hitting her in the face with his closed fist. Smith had swollen lips, eyes and bloody scratches on her face when police arrived. Curry, who had a minor scratch on his right forearm, was walking away from the scene. Curry had a prior conviction for domestic battery in 2000. He was charged with felony battery.
2011 St. Cloud Osceola Jason Clair
Joel Kun
James Kun
Party/Bar Fight gun 2 guilty The Kun brothers and Jason Clair were ejected from the rowdy bar for fighting just before midnight on a Tuesday. One bar patron heard Clair threaten to kill the entire Kun family. The fight continued outside and witnesses saw the brothers beat up on Clair until he got in his truck and drove away. He returned quickly armed with a semi-automatic Glock and shot the brothers. He fired more shots at close range as they lay bleeding in the parking lot. Clair asked, "Do you want some too?" as their mother rushed out of the bar to see her boys. Then at least six men in the crowd pounced on Clair, beat him and took away his pistol.
2011 Apopka Orange Timothy Allen Davis
Timothy Davis
Domestic dispute gun 1 acquitted Timothy Allen Davis Sr., a former Orlando police officer, shot his 22-year-old son after an altercation in his garage. They were arguing about custody of Davis Jr.'s 3-year-old son, who had been removed from the older Davis' home over his objections. The younger Davis, a high school football star, tackled and punched his father, according to police reports. Davis Sr.'s 9-year-old daughter told police she watched her father walk out of the home, get his gun from his car and shoot her brother. The former detective held his bleeding son in his arms and was apologizing to him when officers arrived. The son objected when police arrested his father, according to reports in the Orlando Sentinel. Davis Jr. died at a hospital.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Madelyn A. Aaron
Zinashwork Haile
Neighborhood dispute letter opener 0 dismissed The defendant, Madelyn Aaron, and the victim, Zinashwork Haile, were neighbors who got into a fight one day while their boyfriends were arguing. According to statements given to police, while the two men were talking, the women began screaming and Aaron shouted a racial slur, then pushed Haile to the ground and tried to stab her with a letter opener. She was not stabbed but had a cut on her head when police arrived. Aaron claimed self defense.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Andrae Everton Absalom
Larenta Deshawn Dawkins
Roommate dispute hammer 0 granted immunity The suspect, Andrae Absalom, and the victim, Larenta Dawkins, were roommates who had been quarreling over the past week, with Absalom accusing Deshawn of selling marijuana. Dawkins arrived at the house one afternoon to find that the deadbolt lock had been changed. He went in through a back door, at which point Absalom came out of the bedroom and, Dawkins said, hit him with a hammer, opening a large cut on his head. Absalom said Dawkins struck him first, in the mouth with a closed fist. Abaslom, who then fled the house, said he acted in self-defense.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Lloyd Lee Anderson
James Wray
Roommate dispute knife 0 plea James Wray and Lloyd Anderson shared the kitchen of their residence. According to the police report, Wray's stepdaughter said Anderson had yelled at her. When Wray asked Anderson what was wrong, Anderson, with his back facing Wray, began shouting at him. When Wray walked closer and grabbed Anderson's shoulder, Anderson swung at him with a knife and stabbed him in the thumb. Anderson told police he was defending himself.
2011 Seffner Hillsborough Carey Anthony Baccus
Bo Blackwelder
Unprovoked attack baseball bat 0 plea According to an affidavit, Carey Anthony Baccus chased the victim, Bo Blackwelder, and struck him numerous times on the torso and head with a large copper wire and a baseball bat. Blackwelder's injuries included multiple rib and skull fractures, and at the time report was filed he was in critical condition. A police report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times was redacted by law enforcement and provided few other details.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Ehmanuel DeJesus
Carlos Lopez
Domestic dispute knife 0 granted immunity According to a police report, Ehmanuel DeJesus was drunk and refusing to leave his sister's home. When DeJesus' teenage nephew, Carlo Lopez, shoved him and knocked him to the floor, DeJesus swung a 2-inch pocket knife, leaving a minor wound on his nephew's neck. The fight continued outside until police broke it up and charged both men.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Jerome Anthony Thomas
Otis Thomas
Domestic dispute knife 0 pending Jerome Thomas, the defendant, lived with the victim, Otis Thomas, his brother. According to a police report, the two argued because Otis wanted to scrap a hot water heater. Otis said Jerome swung at him with a pocket knife and cut his cheek. Jerome denied cutting his brother and claimed he had "sicked a dog on him.''
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Jay Scott Sexton
James Sexton
Domestic dispute shovel 0 acquitted Brothers James and Jay Sexton lived next door to each other. The defendant, Jay Sexton, told police that his brother is not right in the head, and that he hit James in the head with a shovel to get his attention. Jay Sexton said the dispute started because a tree service was going to trim a tree between the two homes. James said it started when Jay called James' wife "a fat b____.'' A woman driving by saw the two men in a tugging match over what she described as a stick, then saw one man hit the other with a shovel. She called police, and Jay was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Kevin Hallman
William Scott Phillips
Argument turned violent none 0 plea According to a sheriff's report, the victim, William Scott Phillips, had been previously drinking with a homeless man but had left when the man called him and wanted to meet. When they met, he said, Kevin Hallman demanded to know, "Why did you take my damn beer?'' and punched Phillips in the jaw, breaking it. Hallman claimed self defense.
2011 Brandon Hillsborough Jeffrey Pass
Robert Williams
Domestic dispute box cutter 0 plea According to sheriff's report, Rebecca Cora said her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Pass, unlawfully entered her home and attacked Robert Williams, who was in bed with Cora, with a box cutter. Williams was injured with wounds in the neck, back, left ear and left rib cage that required sutures.
2011 Riverview Hillsborough Jessie Allen Loy
Dylan Bisbee
Argument over love interest none 0 not charged Dylan Bisbee was waiting at a school bus stop when he and Jessie Loy began arguing over a girl. Loy hit Bisbee.
2011 Tallahassee Leon Daniel Dreyer
Joseph McFadden
Unprovoked attack none 0 granted immunity Daniel Dreyer had just bought food along Tallahassee's "Tennessee Strip" when four men approached him, one with blood on his face. One of the men, Joseph McFadden, took a swing at Dreyer. Dreyer physically restrained his attacker. While restraining him, Dreyer was pepper sprayed and tasered. He said he did not see who did that to him. Dreyer was charged with two misdemeanors: "Public affray" and resisting arrest without violence.
2011 Panama City Bay Rotesia Levette Bryant
Harold Eugene Carter
Domestic dispute scissors 1 granted immunity Police were called to an apartment on Friendship Ave. by a woman who reported an injured man. Eugene Carter was found stabbed and he died later at the hospital. Rotesia Bryant was interviewed later that evening and allowed to leave while the investigation continued. The next day she was arrested and charged with one count of manslaughter. Details later emerged that Carter was Bryant's live-in boyfriend and they had at least seven domestic violence incidents filed with police. That night Carter was in the process of moving out when they got into a fight. Carter hit Bryant several times, tackled her and pinned her to the bed. Bryant reached out for a weapon, grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him twice in the chest.
2011 Daytona Beach Volusia Zavrina Jones
Zandra Dawn Jones
Anthony Hill
Michael Jolly
shootout gun 0 granted immunity Very confusing police report but it appears there was an earlier street fight between Zavrina Jones, Michael Jolly and others that broke up when police arrived. According to her attorney, Jolly then threatened Jones and fired at her after the police left. Jones said she fired in self-defense during what appears to have been a wild shootout involving Jolly, Jones and a co-defendant, Zandra Jones.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Anthony John Skaggs
Steve Kenny
Argument turned violent knife 0 plea Steve Kenny was awakened by an argument between his female roommate and the defendant, Anthony Skaggs. When Kenny told Skaggs to leave, he replied, "I'm going to f___ you up'' then he stabbed Kenny in the arm, Kenny told police. Skaggs' mother later gave police recorded phone messages in which an unidentified person threatened her son.
2011 Tampa Hillsborough Shaneka Frederick
Allen McKinnon
Xanquila McKinnon
Argument turned violent knife 0 dismissed According to a sheriff's criminal report affidavit, the defendant, Shaneka Frederick, got into a shouting match that culminated with her stabbing two people with a silver pocket knife. The victims were hospitalized. Frederick was charged with two counts of aggravated battery but the sheriff's office provided few details about the case.
2011 Clearwater Pinellas Richard "Ricky" Kelly
Don Madak
Argument turned violent gun 0 dismissed Neighbors Don Madak, an older white man, and Ricky Kelly, a young black man, had become friends because of a mutual interest in ridding their neighborhood of alleged gang members. But Kelly and other neighbors, including some whites, gradually drew away from Madak, who boasted about always carrying a gun (he did have a concealed weapons permit) and had a reputation as a neighborhood bully and vigilante who didn't like blacks. On the night of the shooting, Kelly called the sheriff's office saying that Madak had a gun and was threatening to flatten the whole neighborhood. A deputy came out, saw that Madak appeared to be intoxicated and told him to go back into his house. But after the deputy left, Madak and Kelly got into a fistfight that culminated in both of them shooting, with Madak firing at least 12 shots, including two that hit Kelly, and Kelly firing twice, hitting Madak once.
2011 Clearwater Pinellas Don Madak
Richard "Ricky" Kelly
Argument turned violent gun 0 dismissed Neighbors Don Madak, an older white man, and Ricky Kelly, a young black man, had become friends because of a mutual interest in ridding their neighborhood of alleged gang members. But Kelly and other neighbors, including some whites, gradually drew away from Madak, who boasted about always carrying a gun (he did have a concealed weapons permit) and developed a reputation as a neighborhood bully and vigilante who didn't like blacks. On the night of the shooting, Kelly called the sheriff's office saying that Madak had a gun and was threatening to flatten the whole neighborhood. A deputy came out, saw that Madak appeared to be intoxicated and told him to go back into his house. But after the deputy left, Madak and Kelly got into a fistfight that culminated in both of them shooting, with Madak firing at least 12 shots, including two that hit Kelly, and Kelly firing twice, hitting Madak once.
2011 Ozello Citrus James Conner III
Scott Standard
Argument turned violent gun 1 not charged Scott Standard and James W. Conner III owned adjacent properties and had a long-running dispute that led Conner to seek an injunction ordering Standard to keep his distance. One night in January 2011, Standard went out to his truck before bed and came across Conner, sitting in his truck with his wife. The men argued and Standard, wearing nothing but long johns, threw a rock at the couple's truck, Conner told police. Conner pulled a gun and shot Standard at least twice, killing him. Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino told Standard's family in May 2011 that Conner would not be charged because physical evidence and the only witness, Conner's wife, supported Conner's claim of self-defense. The family believes the case was poorly investigated and that Conner was the aggressor. They argued that even if Standard threw a rock, it could not have been dangerous because it didn't break the truck windshield.
2011 Golden Gate Estates Collier Jorge Saavedra
Dylan Nuno
Teenage bullying knife 1 granted immunity Jorge Saavedra, 14, fatally stabbed Dylan Nuno, 16, at a school bus stop. Saavedra had gotten off the bus early trying to avoid a fight. Testimony showed that Saavedra, who claimed Nuno bullied him and teased him about his learning disabilities, was trying to get away from Nuno and a group of his friends when he was punched in the back of the head. Witnesses said he continued to try to get away. But soon he took out a pocketknife and stabbed Nuno 12 times. One of the thrusts nicked Nuno's heart. Both boys were students at Palmetto Ridge High School.
2011 Fort Myers Lee Justin Campos
Carlos Deleon-Ortiz
Juan Miguel Sanchez-Perdomo
Fight at bar/party gun 2 guilty Justin Campos and two friends were leaving a strip club when insults were exchanged with a group of men. Campos' friend left his truck and pistol-whipped one of the men, sending the gun flying. Campos picked up the gun and chased away the men, but one returned and punched Campos' friend. Campos then shot the man who had punched his friend, Juan Miguel Sanchez-Perdomo, 20. Campos also shot and killed Carlos Deleon-Ortiz, 29, who was walking toward the melee. Campos and his friends then drove away in his truck but were soon apprehended. Campos was charged with two counts of second degree murder.
2011 Hialeah Miami-Dade Alexander Lopez-Lima
Ricardo Jimeno
Drug deal gone bad gun 1 granted immunity Alexander Lopez-Lima said he was at home watching TV when Richard Jimeno and Andres Perez showed up. He invited them in so he and Perez, whom he knew from school, could smoke marijuana. On entering, Perez picked up a firearm on the counter near the front door and started playing with it. Lopez-Lima went to get the marijuana and when he returned, Jimeno held him while Perez pistol-whipped him, breaking his nose. Fearing for his life, Lopez-Lima ran into his bedroom, grabbed a gun and shot Jimeno once.
2010 Spring Hill Hernando William Siskos
Joe Kasbach
Argument over love interest gun 1 guilty On a summer night in 2010, William Siskos tucked a .22-caliber Ruger in his waistband and walked to a home on Ligonier Road in Spring Hill. He met Joe Kasbach in the front yard and an argument broke out. Siskos had been dating Kasbach's wife in the months leading up to the fight. Within minutes, authorities say, Siskos had fatally shot Kasbach, 46, in the stomach. A witness said Kasbach never threw a punch or pulled a weapon. But Siskos says he was punched and dazed and only defending himself.
2010 Pompano Beach Broward Cleveland Murdock
Patrick Lavoie
Road rage gun 1 not charged Patrick Lavoie, a passenger in his girlfriend's Honda Civic, felt Cleveland Murdock was tailgating them as they drove in Pompano Beach. Lavoie told his girlfriend to stop the car, then he jumped out and angrily approached Murdock's black Toyota Tacoma truck. When Lavoie, who had a cigarette lighter in his hand, tried to reach through Murdock's passenger window Murdock shot and killed him. Murdock had a concealed weapons permit.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Thomas Baker
Carlos Mustelier
Robbery gun 1 not charged Thomas Baker said he was jogging after midnight with a gun fitted with a laser sight tucked into his waistband. When two teenagers approached and one lunged at him, taking a swing, Baker pulled his gun and asked "You wanna play games? You wanna play games?" according to the surviving teen. Baker fired eight hollow point bullets, striking 18-year-old Carlos Mustelier in the chest as well as the back. The surviving boy, 16, told police his friend had told him he planned to rob Baker. Neither of the teens were armed. Baker was carrying $950 cash and a concealed weapon permit.
2010 North Miami Beach Miami-Dade Julian Gonzalez
Vladimir Santos
argument turned violent gun 1 guilty Santos was told by the bank that the house he was renting was in foreclosure and he should not pay any more rent. Gonzalez, the landlord, arrived and demanded that Santos either pay rent or move out. They argued and Gonzalez pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot Santos in the head. The jury did not buy Gonzalez's Stand Your Ground defense because there was no credible evidence that his life was in danger. The judge had already decided that Stand Your Ground did not apply because as a landlord Santos didn't have legal entitlement to be at his tenant's property.
2010 Palmetto Manatee Tavarious China Smith
Breon Mitchell
retailiation gun 1 not charged Tavarious China Smith had just left Club Elite at 2:30 am when he was approached by Breon Mitchell, who was pulling a ski mask over his head. Smith reportedly told Mitchell he should just go ahead and shoot him and Mitchell pulled out a gun and shot Smith twice in the arm. Smith, a convicted drug dealer, shot back four times, killing Mitchell. Smith's friend drove him to a hospital in Sarasota. Mitchell was the brother of Nikita Williams, whom Smith killed in a drug-related shoot out in 2008.
2010 St. Petersburg Pinellas George Michael Peffly
Tyler Jean Inglis
Argument turned violent knife 0 granted immunity George Peffly and Tyler Inglis began arguing inside Peffly's home. According to police report, Peffly pushed Inglis onto a couch and held him down by his throat. He then pushed him out of the house onto a small porch and stabbed him twice. Peffly said Inglis had attacked him with his fists so he cut him because he feared for his life. Peffly's girlfriend, who is also the victim's sister, supported Inglis' version of events.
2010 Lakeland Polk Bryan Hower
Bonnie Lynn Hower
Domestic dispute none 1 guilty Bonnie Lynn Hower's uncle reported her missing and deputy discovered her body buried in the woods behind her house during his search of the property. Her husband, Bryan Hower, later told investigators that he strangled his wife after she came at him with a knife during an argument in their garage. She said she was leaving him and taking the children and he covered her mouth so the children wouldn't hear the struggle and squeezed her neck until she stopped moving. Then Hower placed her body in the hole.
2010 Oviedo Seminole Anita Jane Smithey
Robert Cline
domestic dispute gun 1 pending Smithey claimed that it started out as an evening of drinking and having consensual sex with her estranged husband. She said then he got violent and started raping her at knife point so she took a gun from the night stand and shot him twice. Clines body was cool to the touch when the police arrived. Police said Smithey's story became inconsistent, evidence appeared to have been tampered with and after hours of interrogation, she admitted her knife wound was self-inflicted. The defense team was unable to convince the judge at the Stand Your Ground hearing that Smithey felt her life was in danger and she deserved immunity.
2010 Palm Harbor Pinellas Louis Lanni
Kenneth Torrens
Dispute over money/property none 0 dismissed Kenneth Torrens and his girlfriend approached Louis J. Lanni III at his place of work to get money that Lanni owed his ex-wife. Lanni called his ex-wife, saying he would bring the money by her home after work, then he started yelling at Torrens and his girlfriend. Torrens, a black belt in karate, allegedly pushed Lanni. Lanni responded by punching Torrens in the face. Torrens had an injury to his lip. Lanni was not injured.
2010 Daytona Beach Volusia Emanuel Rivera
Lekeefe Lee
Drug deal gone bad gun 1 pending Emanuel LaBoy "Emma" Rivera, a confessed drug dealer, told police he panicked and fired his gun at a customer fearing the man might be reaching for his own gun. The shot killed 25-year-old LeKeefe Lee, who never drew a weapon, according to a witness. But Rivera knew he was armed, because LeKeefe had offered to leave his gun as collateral for drugs he wanted to buy. Instead, he tried to leave with the gun and several bags of Rivera's marijuana. Rivera, who had a concealed weapons permit, called 911 to report the shooting.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Brian Edward Clark
Lucio D. Rivera
Neighborhood dispute none 0 granted immunity The defendant, Brian Clark, and the victim, Lucio Rivera, were neighbors who argued over Rivera's allegedly loud music. According to the police report, Clark said he had told Rivera to turn down the music, walked away and was sitting on his own porch when Rivera, who seemed very intoxicated, appeared and pulled a large knife from his waistband. Clark said he then punched his neighbor, seriously injuring his eye. He was charged with assault but argued self defense. Rivera denied having a knife and said Clark was on his property. Each man had a friend or family member supporting their version of events, but police found no unbiased witnesses.
2010 Riverview Hillsborough Johnny Mason Davis
Robert Davis
Neighborhood dispute knife 0 granted immunity According to sheriff's report, Johnny Davis stabbed Robert Davis, an unrelated neighbor, when Robert and others intervened in an argument he was having with his mother. Johnny Davis claimed self-defense, saying Robert came into his mobile home and hit him in the head with a broom handle. But police found blood and other evidence to dispute that version of events. Johnny called 911 and the incident was partially recorded. Johnny was arrested for aggravated battery. The victim was a convicted felon known as the "neighborhood enforcer."
2010 Golden Gate Collier Margaret Johnson-Burton
Ronald A. Carrubba
Dispute over money/property gun 0 pending Widow Margaret Johnson-Burton shot her tenant after an argument over a misplaced ashtray. Johnson-Burton, then 62, said she tried to return the ashtray to the man who was renting a room in her house but the man told her he would kill her if she didn't leave his room. She told police she believed the threat, so when Ronald A. Currubba started to get up, she shot him twice. She then called 911. Currubba, 62, survived.
2010 Riverview Hillsborough Matthew Alfonso Garcia
Daniel Martinez
Joshua Ott
Craig McMinimy
Neighborhood dispute none 0 granted immunity Craig McMinimy said he was walking his dogs along a wooden sidewalk when three young men, including his neighbor Daniel Martinez, blocked his path. He said Martinez said, "Old man, you want to pop off tonight?" then hit him in the head with an unknown object. An officer said the injury left part of his skull visible. A day earlier, McMinimy had called code enforcement on Daniel Martinez's father. The three young men disputed that version of events, saying McMinimy lunged at Martinez and began to reach into his back pocket. That's when Martinez said he punched the man. Martinez and his friends were charged with battery. According to the Sheriff's report, Martinez's friends, Matthew Garcia and Jashua Ott, are certified members of the Bloods gang.
2010 Grant-Valkaria Brevard Robert Sykes
Russell Ryder
Neighborhood dispute knife 1 acquitted Robert Sykes stabbed his neighbor to death after an altercation in a vacant lot near their homes. Sykes claimed he was attacked, but the two had a history of conflict. Both apparently had been drinking, according to a Brevard sheriff's officer.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Eric Canonico
Citizen enforcing the law gun 0 dismissed Eric Canonico said he was defending his girlfriend's son from a group of teenagers when he forced them at gunpoint out of their car and onto their knees to wait for police. The teens, including Trey Holtz, son of USF football coach Skip Holtz, had showed up near the boy's house after he had received threatening text messages. Canonico fired a warning shot into the ground when one of the boys mouthed off.
2010 Jacksonville Duval Marissa Alexander
Gray Rico
Domestic dispute gun 0 guilty Marissa Alexander, a battered wife who had an injunction against her ex-husband, Rico Gray, said she fired a single shot to get him out of the house during an August 2010 dispute during which his two children were in the house. A judge denied a stand your ground motion, saying Alexander's decision to go back into the house armed with a gun was "inconsistent with a person in genuine fear of his or her life.''
2010 Sarasota Sarasota Alphonse Gallo
Patrick Barbour
Argument turned violent gun 1 granted immunity According to Alphonse Gallo, about 30 minutes after a minor altercation, Patrick Barbour, 24, pulled a gun on him and tried to rob him in the street outside a Sarasota nightclub. In response, Gallo fired multiple shots from his own gun, prompting a shootout with others. Gallo said he shot Barbour several times, ran away, and shot him several more times because he was still aiming a gun at him. But one witness said Gallo fired the final shots while he was standing over the victim laying immobile on the ground. A judge ruled that Gallo was defending his life during the shootout.
2010 Eastside Jacksonville Duval Rashad Stewart Martinez
Tremayne Deangelo Lovett
Argument over love interest gun 1 guilty Rashad Stewart Martinez shot and killed a man he said had repeatedly bullied him and come looking for a fight over a girl. Tremayne Deangelo Lovett, 19, showed up at Martinez's apartment complex with a friend. Onlookers separated the men and got Martinez to return to his apartment, but Martinez grabbed a gun, jumped out of a window and began roaming the halls calling Lovett out. The physical confrontation resumed and Martinez said he warned Lovett to back off. Martinez's brother testified that Martinez fired first then chased Lovett as he fled down the stairs. Lovett was killed by a shot to the back of the head as he ran away. He was not armed.
2010 Orlando Orange James Brandon Combee
Christopher Gomez
Argument over love interest gun 1 plea James "Little B" Combee and Christopher Gomez argued repeatedly at a downtown Orlando birthday party because they both liked the same girl. The dispute ended with the 20-year-old Gomez dead after he started play wrestling with the girl and Combee pulled a gun. Combee first tried to drag Gomez off the girl, some speculated because he thought he was hurting her. Gomez shoved Combee in response and Combee fired three times, striking the unarmed victim at close range once in the neck. Witnesses said Combee had been showing off the gun throughout the night. Combee's attorney argued in a letter to prosecutors that his client was justified in shooting under "stand your ground."
2010 Largo Pinellas Thomas Barker
Richard Charron
Fight at bar/party beer bottle 0 granted immunity Thomas Barker and Richard Charron were found fighting in the bathroom of the Wild Indian Saloon, A witness said Barker was holding Charron against the wall and hitting him with a beer bottle. The bar owner threw the men out. Charron was outside the bar when police arrived. Barker, who had left the scene but was apprehended nearby, claimed that a very drunk Charron attacked him first and that he, Barker, had used only his hands, not a bottle. Barker was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Tyrone Anthony Jackson
Miezan Etti
Fight at bar/party gun 0 acquitted Jackson was at a birthday party at his neighbor's house when he got into a verbal altercation with Etti Miezan. According to Miezan and witnesses, Jackson told his wife to "go get his gun." Jackson then left the party and returned with a firearm and opened fire in the street, shooting randomly. Miezan was shot in the upper left chest while trying to evade the bullets. Jackson and his wife then left the scene in a white Chevrolet Tahoe, but were apprehended by police shortly after. Jackson's car had bullet holes in the body and windows.
2010 Daytona Beach Volusia Vincent Strollo
James Houghtaling
Argument turned violent board 0 granted immunity Vincent Strollo and James Houghtaling had a simmering argument throughout the day in communal areas of Strollo's apartment building. Strollo accused the other man of being drunk, raucous and threatening. At one point, the landlord asked Houghtaling to leave the complex, where he had been visiting a friend. Strollo also called police, who arrived and found the man had left. But Houghtaling returned later and during another confrontation, Strollo hit him with a 2-by-4 board. He said Houghtaling was drunk and attacking him and his girlfriend.
2010 Miami Miami-Dade Neil Parello
Juan Lopez
aggravated battery with deadlyweapon gun 0 plea Juan Lopez, a process server for Dade County courts, went to Neil Parello's home, where he was told by Parello's son Damien that his father wasn't home. Lopez asked the youth to get his mother, but Damian said she was sick and couldn't come to the door. Lopez then identified himself and asked that an adult come to the door. Parello did, pointing a revolver at Lopez and ordering him to "get the f-- off my property.'' He then slammed the door. Lopez, in fear of his life, dropped the subpoena and went to his car. As he reached the vehicle he heard four or five gunshots coming from Parello's home.
2010 Valrico Hillsborough Trevor Dooley
David James
Citizen enforcing the law gun 1 guilty Trevor Dooley, 69, had his handgun tucked into his waistband when he walked to a basketball court across from his home to shoo away a skateboarder. David James, 41, was playing basketball nearby with his daughter. James began arguing with Dooley, telling him to leave the skateboarder alone. Dooley turned to walk away but James yelled after him, asking him about the gun sticking out of his pants. Dooley turned back and pulled out his gun. James then lunged at Dooley in an apparent effort to disarm him. They struggled, falling to the ground, and the gun fired, striking James in the chest. When the police arrived, Dooley was waiting in the park for them.
2010 Pensacola Escambia Donald Stanley Verne
Peter Delmonico
Unprovoked attack board 1 guilty Donald Verne beat his landlord over the head with a 2x4 board and left him to die in the home he was renting from 51-year-old Peter Delmonico. When two friends discovered Delmonico barely alive on Verne's kitchen floor, the tenant told them he was in the shower and did not know what happened. But when police picked him up soon after, they found blood on his clothes.
2010 Naples Collier Craig Morris
Robert Knapp
Unprovoked attack baseball bat 0 plea Craig Morris attacked repo man Robert Knapp with baseball bat when Knapp came onto his property to reclaim ATVs. Morris said he swung before he knew who Knapp was. But Knapp said he told him twice who he was and that Morris said he "didn't give a ____." Knapp, who was unarmed, said "he hit me pretty good on the back."
2010 Tallahassee Leon Michael Crockett
Joshua Gamble
Dispute over money/property gun 0 guilty Joshua Gamble and his ex-girlfriend were arguing over a jointly owned car at his workplace. The girl's new boyfriend, Michael Crockett, a corrections officer, intervened and pulled his gun when the store owner tried to take a key away from his girlfriend. As the argument escalated, other workers got involved and forced Crockett to the ground, where he shot six rounds from his handgun. Though bullets pierced Gamble's and another worker's clothing, no one was injured. No one else was armed, but the store owner began beating Crockett with a shovel after he took out his gun. Crockett argued he was defending himself and his girlfriend and that he fired all the bullets from his gun at the floor to prevent his attackers from taking his gun and using it against him. Prosecutors argued the couple was trespassing because they had been asked to leave the business.
2010 Bradenton Manatee Christopher M. Phillips
Darnell Mason
Domestic dispute gun 0 acquitted Christopher Phillips, 39, showed up at his daughter's apartment with a gun and pointed a gun at his son-in-law's head. In the ensuing struggle, the gun fired and took part of Phillip's own pinky finger off. Phillips told a jury his son-in-law pulled a knife first, and that the son-in-law's brother pulled a baseball bat and cracked Phillips over the head. His lawyer argued that Phillips was simply standing his ground. Son-in-law was not injured.
2010 Oklawaha Marion Raymond Emala
Todd Edward Fryer
argument turned violent gun 1 not charged Todd Edward Fryer and his girlfriend went to his mother's home and began arguing with her. That confrontation escalated to the point the girlfriend was arrested for battery. In the meantime, Fryer's mother called a male friend, Raymond Emala, who arrived with his 8-year-old daughter. According to a story in Ocala.com, Fryer approached Emala's vehicle in an aggressive, threatening manner. Emala, unable to defend himself due to a physical limitation, pulled out a gun, hoping Fryer would retreat. Fryer reportedly lunged for the gun, and Emala fatally shot him in the chest and arm.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Derral Hamilton
Cuwissie Hamilton
Domestic dispute gun 0 granted immunity Cuwissie Hamilton and his cousin Derral Hamilton had a history of problems. In Dec. 2010, Cuwissie and two friends went to Derral's house to confront him about how he had treated a female cousin. What started as a calm conversation escalated to gunfire when Cuwissie was getting in the car to leave. That's when Derral reportedly said "It's your turn" and fired his gun three times, injuring Cuwissie. Derral later told police his cousin had shot him in the leg earlier that year and that Cuwissie had recently threatened to "finish the job this time." Derral also told police Cuwissie had a gun and fired it first, but police who searched the scene the day of the incident found no evidence that Derral was fired upon.
2010 Fort Myers Lee Adeirean Carey
Party/Bar Fight knife 0 pending Carey hosted a party and his mother was charging admission at the door. The unnamed victim argued with her about the different prices she was charging. Carey came to his mother's defense and stabbed the victim. Carey was charged with battery.
2010 Port Orange Volusia Cindy Gilliland
Bradley Stradtman
Domestic dispute knife 1 plea Dental assistant Cindy Gilliland, 41, fatally stabbed Bradley Stradtman, 37, with a kitchen knife in the chest in their Port Orange home during an argument over $300 he owed her. The defense argued that Gilliland was afraid of Stradtman, who had backhanded her in the mouth. But investigators concluded that Gilliland had left the house for 20 minutes after she was struck, then returned to the house and reinitiated the argument. Investigators also noted that Gilliland had to walk 6 or 8 feet across a room to stab her boyfriend and that she told investigators she grabbed the knife because she wanted him to leave the house, the Daytona Beach News Journal reported in June 2011.
2010 Fort Myers Lee Reginald Etienne
Joshua Jay Sands
Fight at bar/party knife 1 guilty Reginald Etienne stabbed a 35-year-old man to death at a New Year's party then argued he was defending himself against a bigger man. Prosecutors pursued second-degree murder charges after showing Etienne had argued with Joshua Sands, then left the party and returned with the knife he used to stab him.
2010 Ocala Marion David Hatley
Samuel Cohron
argument turned violent gun 1 not charged David Hatley and Samuel Cohron were roommates. The two had a few beers together, then Hatley went to bed. According to a story in Ocala.com, he was awakened by Cohron, who attacked him with a knife. Hatley escaped and went next door to find the landlord. Getting no response, he returned to the house, entered his room and shut the door. Cohron banged on the door but Hatley told him not to come in because he had a gun. Cohron barged in and Hatley shot him.
2010 Jacksonville Duval Cifford Eugene Van Dyke
Marvin Paul Gilhousen
argument turned violent g 1 plea Van Dyke lived next to his sister and brother-in-law and there had been previous altercations between the two men. At the Stand Your Ground hearing, police and neighbors testified that Gilhousen had beaten up Van Dyke before. Van Dyke said Gilhousen had broken into his home, hit his wife & threatened to behead him. He said after Gilhousen accosted him, he fired 3 or 4 shots. Ballistic experts testified that Van Dyke fired the final shot when he was closer and Gilhousen was falling or already on the ground. The judge said he did not grant Van Dyke immunity because the Stand Your Ground law does not allow the shooter to advance.
2010 Miami Miami-Dade Quentin Wyche
Kendall Berry
Argument over love interest scissors 1 pending Quentin Wyche, a student at Florida International University, fatally stabbed a 22-year-old football player during a fight on campus. Earlier that day, Wyche had argued with Kendall Berry's girlfriend, who worked for a campus golf cart shuttle service. Wyche threw a cookie or smashed a cookie into the woman's face, witnesses told police. Later, Wyche and Berry circled each other as if they were about to fight until Wyche ran away, witnesses said. A student told police she saw Wyche grab a pair of scissors out of his backpack and run back towards Berry. He then stabbed him in the heart.
2010 Lake Hamilton Polk Juan Caamano
Mathew Manigault
Party/Bar Fight Unknown 0 pending Caamano claimed that he was just helping fellow police officers subdue a 63-year-old man at a street party when he was caught on video stomping near the man's legs. The warrant for Caamano's arrest states that there is probable cause to believe he "acted outside his authority as a Haines City Police Officer, and unnecessarily battered Mathew Manigault against his will." Caamano was fired on 4/7/11 for violating city polices, including excessive force. Caamano was arrested and charged with attempted battery six days later.
2010 Jacksonville Duval Russell Brightman
Justin Holliman
Home invasion gun 1 not charged Russell Brightman was home alone taking a shower about 9:30 p.m. when he heard a loud thump and his burglar alarm went off. Hearing footsteps race up to his second floor, Brightman called his wife, who had been babysitting, on her cell phone to make sure she hadn't come home. When she said she had not, he got dressed, went to his car in the garage to retrieve his gun, then turned on the outside lights and opened his garage door. His wife, meanwhile, called the police. As Brightman was standing in front of his garage, he saw two males running out his front door. Brightman told police he began shooting and one of the suspects fell down in the middle of the road in front of his house. Brightman then waited for police to arrive. Justin Holliman, 18, died at the scene. The other burglars were never found.
2010 Jacksonville Duval Tyson Moore
Eric Scott
Robbery knife 1 not charged Moore and his friend were walking at night when a black male jumped from a slow-moving car and tried to rob them. The robber, Eric Scott, had his hand down the front of his pants as if he had a gun, but no gun was found. He and Moore's friend starting fighting and Moore stabbed Scott in the back with a Gerber penknife. Moore told police he was afraid the robber and his friends in the car were armed. One of the men in the car with Scott told police Scott intended to rob the men when he jumped out of the car. The car and the other men had proceeded on during the incident and Scott's friends were not involved in the robbery. Moore and his friend both fled the scene but later called the police.
2010 St. Petersburg Pinellas Reynold Dabydeen
Torry Newsome
Argument turned violent knife 0 plea Torry Newsome was working at an auto body shop when Reynold Dabydeen entered the shop, stabbed him five times and then ran off, police reports say. A witness said she heard Dabydeen threaten to kill Newsome before stabbing him. The two men were separated by Dabydeen's father, who was also working in the shop. Dabydeen, who left the scene, later told investigators the man he stabbed had attacked him first and he was defending himself.
2010 St. Petersburg Pinellas Deshana Monice Goss
Branden Allen Wilde
Domestic dispute gun 1 plea Goss shot her boyfriend in the face after an argument in the apartment they'd shared. The couple had a long history of fights. A few weeks prior, police came to the home after Goss made a domestic battery complaint against Wilde.
2010 Orlando Orange Ledor J. Legene
Netho Exilas
Domestic dispute stick and steel rod 0 dismissed Unbeknownst to him, Ledor Legene's teenage daughter had invited her boyfriend to spend the night. When Legene discovered the 18-year-old boy in his kitchen that morning, he grabbed a stick and began beating him. The two men then went outside, where Legene took a steel rod from his truck and tried to hit the victim once again. When the deputy arrived, he found the two men holding onto each other and the daughter nearby.
2010 Brandon Hillsborough Taina Serrano
Monique Danise Wilson
Unknown unclear 0 granted immunity Taina Marie Serrano battered a deaf mute woman at Brandon Mall
2010 West Palm Beach Palm Beach Andrew Schecter
Jack Russell Terrier Dog
Animal attack chair leg 0 guilty Andrew Schecter was jogging with his dog, a 15-pound Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, when a Jack Russell terrier ran out of its yard and into the street. The loose dog jumped on Schecter's dog and the two animals, which were about the same size, began to fight. Schecter said he hit the attacking dog with a chair leg he carried for protection until it laid down in the street. Schecter then continued with his jog after yelling at the homeowner that she should keep her dog secured. Two witnesses, however, supported the story told by the dog's owner, Norma Valdez. Valdez said she was mowing her lawn when her dog ran out to the jogger and began sniffing his dog. When the two dogs began to fight, she said Schecter hit her dog repeatedly, even after it was on the ground. He then told Valdez, a Hispanic, that she did not belong in this country and that she did not obey the laws. Valdez's dog had a fractured skull and she told police she was unable to pay the $497.44 emergency vet bill.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Jefferson Davis
Ricky Henderson
Eric Williams
Unprovoked attack gun 0 acquitted According to a sheriff's report and defense motion, Rickey Henderson saw Matthew Carlisle and Kendrick Denson burglarizing his car. Henderson and a friend, Eric Williams, beat up Carlisle. The would-be burglars escaped, ran to the nearby apartment of Jefferson Davis III and told him that Henderson had beaten them for no reason. Davis got his gun, went outside and shot at Henderson, apparently missing him but hitting Williams in the knee. Carlisle and Denson were each charged with burglary, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Davis was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
2010 Clearwater Pinellas Terry Tyrone Davis
Nathaniel Gooden
Dispute over money/property gun 1 plea Terry Tyrone Davis Jr. shot and killed his cousin after a fight over a necklace. The two had argued earlier that day, then Davis went home and got a gun and sent a text message to his girlfriend saying he was going to kill Nathaniel Gooden. Gooden arrived at Davis' house with a group of people. Davis said he was defending himself when he went outside and shot Gooden as Gooden came toward him on his property. The victim did not have a gun.
2010 Tampa Hillsborough Willie Charles Anderson
John Randal Geschwender
Larry Denis Hall
Argument turned violent knife 0 granted immunity When Willie Anderson went to Flash Dancers strip club with his girlfriend one night, he ran into the cousin of a man with whom he'd had a prior altercation. The cousin called Larry Hall and told him Anderson was at the club. Hall arrived and confronted Anderson, who used a bar stool to fend the other man off. Witnesses separated the two men but Hall hung around the front door, waiting for Anderson to leave. When he did, witnesses said Hall threw a punch. Anderson struck back with a knife, stabbing Hall on his side and injuring him. Anderson later turned himself in to police and was charged with aggravated battery.
2010 Naples Collier James Menard
Jake Couture
Dispute over money/property gun 1 guilty James Menard drove to the Brittany Bay Apartments with a group of friends to recover money they say was stolen from them earlier that day by another group. The confrontation quickly became heated, and one of the men shoved Menard, who had brought his gun with him. Menard, who had a concealed weapons permit, said he fired because he feared being attacked and saw one of the opposing group members carrying what turned out to be a pellet gun shaped like an Uzi. Menard, 24, fired five times into the crowd, wounding two and killing Jake Couture, 17.
2010 Seffner Hillsborough Eric Yarnell Reed
Jamie Nikia Bryant
Domestic dispute none 0 granted immunity Eric Yarnell Reed and his five-months' pregnant fiance began arguing when he returned home early one morning after he had been out all night and she accused him of being drunk. Jamie Bryant said she followed Reed into the bathroom, shoved him and tried to block him from leaving the room when he tried to walk away. She then followed him into the bedroom and struck him with a knife sharpener and vase as the argument escalated. Reed then pushed her onto the bed and straddled her in an attempt to restrain her. Bryant said Reed attempted to punch her in the stomach, but she blocked the blows with her leg. Bryant's son from a previous relationship was present for part of the fight and tried to pull Reed off his mother. The deputy responding to the scene reported lacerations and abrasions on Bryant and an abrasion on Reed's forehead. Reed was charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.
2010 Brooksville Hernando Quantai Lamar Mason
Argument turned violent knife 0 granted immunity According to what his mother told police, an unidentified juvenile confronted Quantai Mason and accused him of abusing another child a few days earlier. Mason allegedly pulled out a knife and after a verbal exchange slashed the juvenile in the chest. The juvenile tried to get the knife away and was stabbed again in the leg. Police charged Mason.
2009 Orlando Orange Jackson Fleurimon
Lucus Termitus
Argument turned violent gun 1 granted immunity On the night before the shooting, Lucas Termitus called friends and said he felt something bad was going to happen and that somebody was going to shoot him. At 4 p.m. the next afternoon, Termitus was shot to death by Jackson Fleurimon. Termitu's' girlfriend told deputies that "Flo'' (Fleurmon) had shot "Skibo'' because he told him not to "sell dope on my side of the complex,'' although it's unclear from the incident report which man she was referring to. A cocked gun "loaded to capacity'' was found on the victim, but his girlfriend said he had armed himself only because he feared for his life. When deputies arrived, Fleurimon stated several times, "I shot him, I shot him.'' He said he saw Termitus, whom he knew only slightly, come out of a second floor apartment and pull up his shirt, revealing a gun. Fleurimon said he had heard Termitus planned to rob him. He told deputies it was "either him or me'' and said if he hadn't shot first, Termitus would have shot him. Fleurimon had a valid concealed firearm permit.
2009 Tallahassee Leon Earl Jackson
Dervaunta Vaughn
Curtis Miller
Gang shootout gun 1 acquitted Four men, including Earl Jackson and Dervaunta Vaughn, were charged with murder after what investigators called a gang shootout left a bystander dead in a gas station parking lot. Jackson and Vaughn argued they were defending their lives from the other shooters.
2009 Sorrento Lake Shane Beil
Brett Lee Canada
Attempted theft gun 1 not charged Shane Beil's home business had been the victim of an equipment theft less than three weeks before. So when the alarm he had rigged to protect his lawn-care equipment went off at 3:30 one morning, he grabbed his .357 handgun and told his wife to call police. Beil said he went outside and found 23-year-old Brett Lee Canada in his fenced-in yard by his equipment trailer. He fatally shot the unarmed man in the foot and back.
2009 Tavares Lake Russell Conrad
Steven Hilson
Attempted theft from car gun 1 not charged Russell Conrad woke up at about 4:30 a.m. when he heard the horn blow from his Toyota pickup parked outside his home. He grabbed his revolver and stepped outside, where he saw Steven Hilson Jr. looking through the glove box. He ordered the trespasser to get out and fired three shots into the driveway. When Hilson got out of the truck, Conrad said, he ignored an order to stop and approached him. Conrad, who was 70 at the time, has emphysema, limited use of his arms and needs oxygen. He argued he had no choice but to fire the gun. The unarmed Hilson died even though Conrad administered first aid. The victim was described by friends as a severe alcoholic. His family theorized he might have been confused and gone to the wrong house while looking for a friend. "If Conrad reasonably believed he had to shoot Hilson to prevent the imminent infliction of great bodily harm or death to himself, he cannot be prosecuted," Assistant State Attorney Gross wrote at the time.
2009 Wesley Chapel Pasco Gregory Allan Stewart
William Kuch
Trespassing gun 0 not charged William Kuch was unarmed and drunk when he wandered up to Gregory Stewart's door about 5 a.m. in August 2009. When he tried to open the door, Stewart warned him off. When he came back and tried again, Stewart pointed a gun at him. Kuch allegedly said he needed a light and that he wasn't afraid. Stewart said Kuch then moved toward him, so he fired. Kuch recovered and Stewart faced no criminal action.
2009 Dade City Pasco Michael McAdams
William Ryan Andrews
Lynda McAdams
Domestic dispute gun 2 guilty Michael McAdams fatally shot his estranged wife and her lover after he found them together at the former family home. McAdams claimed William Ryan Andrews insulted him and challenged him to a fight. McAdams refused and said he left the house only to see the new couple having sex through a window. Enraged, he grabbed a gun that he said he stored under a milk jug by the front door and shot his wife in the face and her boyfriend in the head. He buried the bodies in the woods in Hernando County. McAdams claimed self defense, saying Andrews wanted to fight and his wife was hitting him when he fired. Forensic evidence ran counter to the details McAdams provided, however, and a jury found him guilty.
2009 Shady Hills Pasco John Croft
Seth Sigmon
Neighborhood dispute gun 1 guilty Seth Sigmon, 29, and John Croft, 81, lived next to each other in Shady Hills. They didn't get along. Croft had claimed previously that Sigmon's dog got loose and killed his pet goats. On the day of the shooting, Croft complained that Sigmon's 9-year-old son was playing too close to the property line. When Sigmon confronted Croft, Croft, who was standing outside his fenced-in yard, drew a .22-caliber handgun. "Are you going to shoot me?" asked Sigmon, who weighed 250 pounds. Croft did. Sigmon fell to one knee and Croft fired at least two more times while Sigmon was on the ground, the sheriff's report said. Bullets struck Sigmon in the chest and back. After his arrest, Croft told deputies he pulled the gun out after his neighbor nudged him and cursed at him. Croft, 100 pounds lighter than Sigmon, told deputies he shot Sigmon because he was "angry and scared."
2009 Winter Springs Seminole Owen Eugene Whitlock
Jose Gilberto Ramirez
Dispute over money/property gun 1 not charged Owen Eugene Whitlock asked his daughter's boyfriend to transport a grill to a relative's home so the family could cook Christmas dinner. Witnesses said Jose Ramirez was upset with how the father handled the request and angrily told them he would not be disrespected. He later confronted Whitlock at his house, raising his fists and advancing slowly toward the older man. Whitlock fired his gun once, killing the boyfriend.
2009 Dade City Pasco Charles Edward Flanning
Thomas Roshaad Everett
Attempted home invasion gun 0 not charged Charles Edward Flanning shot three times through the door as Thomas Roshaad Everett attempted to enter Flanning's home after midnight. At least one of the bullets hit Everett in the buttocks, police reported. Everett survived. A multi-use tool with knife and hammer believed to be Everett's was found outside Flanning's home.
2009 Gulfport Pinellas Riley Finway Bryan
Donald Price
Argument turned violent gun 1 guilty During a dispute over a visitor, Riley Finway Bryan shot and killed a man who was renting his garage apartment. Bryan picked up his gun when he ordered the visitor to leave his property. Then he started arguing with his tenant, Donald Price. Bryan claimed Price "came at him with a chair" and he shot in self-defense. Witnesses said Price told Bryan: "if you're going to shoot someone, shoot me." Bryan told detectives he fired two warning shots but Price kept coming at him. The third shot hit Price in the head.
2009 Hudson Pasco Clayton Towne
Thomas Baldoni
Fight at bar/party none 0 granted immunity Clayton Nels Towne had left a bar with a group when Thomas Baldoni approached one of Towne's friends in the parking lot. When Towne tried to intervene, he later claimed, Baldoni hit him in the face with a glass beer mug. Witnesses testified that Towne punched Baldoni, blinding him in one eye, only after Baldoni continue striking the defendant.
2009 St. Petersburg Pinellas Bartholomew Letthand
Daniel Selsor
Marquez White
Terry Dwayne White
Domestic dispute gun 1 guilty Bartholomew Letthand had an argument with his girlfriend in January 2009. The woman's two sons showed up at his house soon after and appeared to be vandalizing Letthand's car. Letthand, then 40, came out of the house and shot the sons, 19 and 21. Terry White was hit in the neck and died as he was driving away. Letthand then went to ex-girlfriend's home, where he argued with her father and shot him in the head. The father survived. Letthand argued self defense in two of the three shootings.
2009 Clearwater Pinellas Matthew Selezan
Stephan Grant Parks
Argument over love interest none 0 granted immunity Two men began to fight over a girl in the parking lot of a bar. The defendant, Matthew Selezan, said Stephen Parks sparked the fight by squaring off with him in the bathroom and loudly taunting him. Selezan said Parks was upset that a girl had been flirting with him and continued to try to provoke a fight as they were in the bar parking lot. However, a witness said Parks was leaving when Selezan turned to fight him. Undisputed is that Selezan punched Parks in the face and grabbed his legs, causing him to fall, hit his head and fracture his skull. Selezan left the scene before officers arrived. When he was arrested days later, he said he was acting in self defense.
2009 St. Petersburg Pinellas Timothy Lavorne Johnson
Christopher L. Danford
Attempted robbery gun 1 not charged Timothy Johnson was with a friend speaking to someone outside a Family Dollar when Christopher Danford pointed a gun at him and demanded money. Johnson's friend fled on foot and the would-be robber got in his car and appeared to be chasing him. Johnson, who had an illegal weapon in his car, said he drove off in the same direction looking for his friend. A few blocks away, Danford and the men with him blocked Johnson's car. Danford got out with his gun and Johnson said he fired to protect himself. He did not call police after the shooting. Danford staggered into All Children's Hospital but died in the emergency room. Johnson was charged with felonious possession of a firearm but not in the homicide.
2009 Daytona Beach Volusia John David Falwell
Matthew Alcott
Argument turned violent knife 0 guilty John David Falwell got into a fight with a man visiting his hotel room. He said the man, 4 inches taller and much heavier than him, slammed him to the floor and knocked him out. He said he came to a few moments later and continued the struggle until he grabbed a knife and "just swung." Matthew Alcott was wounded and prosecutors filed attempted murder charges. Alcott was stabbed in the back.
2009 West Palm Beach Palm Beach Xavious McCray
Lavelton Williams
Cedrick Antoine Howard
Andre Lamar Jackson
Argument turned violent gun 1 plea Xavious McCray was arguing with two brothers when McCray allegedly fired his gun and fled with his co-defendant, Lavelton Williams, in his car. The brothers chased the men, with McCray firing on them, until they crashed. When police arrived, they found one of the brothers, Cedrick Howard, dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Although first arrested on homicide charges, prosecutors reduced charges against McCray to aggravated assault and illegal gun possession by a felon. Details are limited because the case against Williams is pending.
2009 Lake Park Palm Beach Harvey Hill
Anton Peavy
Argument over love interest gun 0 granted immunity According to witnesses, Harvey Hill Jr. had been harassing his neighbor after she broke off their sexual relationship. The woman had repeatedly reported these incidents to the police. The conflict reached a peak one night when Hill confronted the woman's boyfriend, Anton Peavy, as he left her apartment and Hill was sitting on the adjoining porch. Peavy told police he tried to walk away as Hill was yelling at him, but Hill pulled a gun and shot him in the side. Hill ran from the scene and was arrested several days later. He told the police that Peavy was with a friend who was armed and he shot Peavy in self defense.
2009 Zephyrhills Pasco Corey Lindsey
Donald Watts
Drug deal gone bad gun 1 pending Corey Lindsey Jr. said he was walking down the road when Donald Watts pulled up beside him, brandished a knife and demanded money. Lindsey said he tried to walk away, but the man followed and Lindsey fatally shot him in self-defense when Watts tried to get out of the car. Lindsey's version of the story was challenged by a witness and prosecutors, who said Lindsey had sold the victim fake crack cocaine earlier in the day and the man wanted his $20 back. Prosecutors argued that "stand your ground" should not apply because by selling drugs, counterfeit or not, Lindsey was breaking the law. Lindsey denied selling the man drugs, saying his friend and witness to the incident had been the seller. Lindsey shot Watts twice in the leg and the man drove as far as he could before passing out.
2009 Fort Myers Lee Kevin Doerr
Black Bear
Animal attack gun 0 plea Kevin Michael Doerr shot and killed a black bear that wandered onto his property toward a pen of chickens. He said he didn't fear for his safety and the bear was not aggressive. Yet after spotting the bear, he went into his home, retrieved his .44-caliber Magnum, and shot the bear in the head from a distance of 19 feet. When the bear did not die immediately, he shot it once again. Doerr was charged with killing a protected species, a third-degree felony.
2009 New Port Richey Pasco Mohamed Ali
Jason Albaugh
Corey Albaugh
Argument turned violent gun 0 plea Brothers Jason and Corey Albaugh were outside a bar trying to resolve a non-physical lover's spat between Jason and his girlfriend. The defendant, Mohamed Ali, was coming out of his nearby store, exchanged words with Corey, then pulled out a gun and pointed it at Corey's head. Corey grabbed Ali's wrist, the two fell to the ground in a struggle and the gun fired, hitting and injuring one of the brothers. The other brother was hit in the head by the gun. Ali, who said he sometimes carries a lot of money on him, told police that he thought he was about to be robbed.
2009 Panama City Beach Bay Steven Anthony Thompson
Nicholas Nigel Barter
Argument turned violent gun 1 acquitted Steven Thompson & Nicholas Barter were at the Summer Breeze Motel while staying in Panama City Beach for work. They got into an argument in their room that escalated. They were fighting for several minutes when Thompson subdued Barter by pinning him to the floor by his throat. He testified that he retreated to the corner of the room but Barter got up and charged at him. Thompson said he was afraid he would be beaten to death when he grabbed his 9mm Berretta and fired two shots into Barter's chest.
2009 Keystone Heights Clay Ronald J. Thompson
Domestic dispute gun 0 guilty Thompson, a disabled Army vet, was at a friend's home when the friend's 17-year-old grandson demanded entry. Acting at the direction of the boy's mother, Thompson told the boy he could not enter. Her refusal prompted an angry outburst from the boy. Feeling his friend was threatened, Thompson, a lawful gun owner, fired two warning shots into the ground to scare away the boy and his friends. The presiding judge concluded that neither shot was intended to hit the boy.
2009 Fort Myers Lee Adeirean Carey
Marcos Santiago
Attempted home invasion gun 1 granted immunity Adeirean Carey heard a noise outside the window of his house and told the intruder to stop. He said he fired a warning shot, not knowing it hit anyone. Marcos Santiago died, and police later found evidence that he was trying to break into a window.
2009 Fort Myers Lee Demarro Battle
Omar Bonilla
Fight at bar/party gun 1 not charged Demarro Battle fatally shot Omar Bonilla after an argument at a party. Earlier in the dispute, Bonilla had fired his gun into the ground and beaten Battle in the head. Then Bonilla ran inside his apartment, gave his gun to a friend, telling him to hide it, and returned unarmed to confront Battle. Battle, meanwhile, had retrieved his gun from his car and fatally shot Bonilla.
2009 Homosassa Citrus Oscar Delbono
Shane Huse
Neighborhood dispute gun 1 not charged Oscar Delbono, 53, shot Shane Huse, 34, in the neck and shoulder after an argument between the neighbors, the result of a long-running dispute over Huse's two pitbull terriers. Huse's two small children were in his truck nearby when Huse approached the shooter's yard after midnight. A witness said the two were arguing and Huse, who had previously threatened Delbono, was "flailing his arms." A witness who saw the fatal shooting said Huse was turning to leave when Delbono shot him, and bullet entry wounds supported that account. Delbono said he thought Huse was "going for something. I feared for my life."
2009 Bradenton Manatee Edwin Vargas-Lopez
Fernando Castulo Morales
Fight at bar/party knife 1 granted immunity Fernando Moralez was stabbed to death outside a Bradenton bar. Defendant Vargas-Lopez had been dancing with a woman when two men confronted him. He left, got in a truck and was punched through the open driver-side window. He stabbed out the window. A witness said she was in the process of dragging the victim away when he was stabbed.
2009 Cutler Bay Miami-Dade Anthony Gonzalez
Sujaye E. Henry
Drug deal gone bad gun 1 plea Sujaye Henry was feuding over a marijuana deal when he allegedly pulled out his gun, fired it, then took off in his car with men in pursuit. As they swerved through public streets, they exchanged gunfire until Henry's bullet-ridden car crashed into a some bushes, the rear window blasted out. Henry was found dead with three bullet wounds, which investigators said came from a gun fired by Anthony Gonzalez Jr., a passenger in the Maxima that had chased Henry. Gonzalez was charged with murder but eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
2009 Hialeah Miami-Dade Ernesto Che Vino
Bruno Berrio
Timothy Pyke
Unprovoked attack gun 0 granted immunity Ernesto Che Vino threatened two Florida Power and Light workers with a rifle, slapped the helmet off one of them and fired a warning shot into the air after they showed up around 11 a.m. to collect unpaid bills. The workers were in uniform and tried to call Vino, but eventually used a ladder to climb over his fence to knock on the door. He appeared, rifle in hand and forced the men off his property, firing his gun as they scrambled back over the fence. A judge sided with Vino over prosecutors' objections.
2009 Naples Collier Sterlin F. Misener
Patrick Hutchison
Burglary gun 1 plea Sterlin F. Misener shot and killed a 19-year-old intruder shortly after 4 a.m. in his driveway. He found Patrick Hutchison coming out of his family's nearby camper and confronted him with a sawed-off shotgun. He said he pulled the trigger when the teen lunged at him. The teen was unarmed, and no one witnessed the shooting. Misener called 911 and waited for police. Misener and his wife had been robbed at gunpoint two years earlier in their home. Prior to that four teenagers admitted burglarizing the home looking for marijuana.
2009 New Port Richey Pasco Lillian Dolores Fahrer
Robert Fahrer
Domestic dispute knife 1 not charged Lillian Dolores Fahrer fatally stabbed her husband in the chest during a drunken argument over the front door of their apartment being broken. Fahrer, 59 at the time, said her husband, Robert, had pushed her against a wall and threatened her. Prosecutors said the 42-year-old had a history of being violent with his wife. When she grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen sink, she said, he dared her to stab him. When he took a step towards her, she did. No one witnessed the stabbing, but there was documented evidence of past abuse.
2009 Cape Canaveral Brevard Charles Schiefer
Allen Frank Lashier
Neighborhood dispute gun 0 granted immunity Allen Lashier walked up to Charles W. Schiefer's garage to talk to him because Lashier's kids said Schiefer was harassing them. As the quarrel escalated, Schiefer pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at Lashier. Schiefer told investigators he felt threatened because Lashier was screaming at him. Lashier quickly retreated and was not injured. No shots were fired.
2009 Ormond Beach Volusia Dayne Rollins
William S. Bell
Brandy Lee Harris
Christopher C. Young
Home invasion gun 0 not charged Dayne Rollins shot and wounded three robbers who had broken into his home. According to news reports, the robbers left the home and Rollins chased them with a sawed-off shotgun.
2009 Pinellas Park Pinellas Rachel Wade
Sarah Ludemann
Argument over love interest knife 1 guilty Rachel Wade stabbed a teen girl, Sarah Ludemann, after months of battling over the same boy. The night of the stabbing, Ludemann drove the family van to where she knew Wade would be. Ludemann got out of the van, fists balled, arms flailing. Wade walked toward her and jabbed a kitchen knife into her left shoulder, then pulled it out and thrust it into Ludemann's heart.
2009 Plantation Broward Nour Badi Jarkas
John Concannon
Domestic dispute gun 1 acquitted Nour Jarkas shot and killed his estranged wife's boyfriend, John Concannon, after a fight at her house.
2009 Riverview Hillsborough Tamra Leasure
Arthur Tilley
Domestic dispute gun 1 guilty Tamra Leasure had known Arthur Tilley for two months when he began insisting they get married. During an argument at her home, where Tilley was staying, she shot and killed him, saying he threatened to kill her. Leasure initially lied to investigators, trying to make the shooting look like a suicide by putting the gun in his hand. When he died, Tilley's blood alcohol level was three times the level at which the state presumes impairment and he was facing criminal charges in Orlando for biting a waitress.
2009 Sarasota Sarasota Elliott Firby
Brandon Ellis
Robbery gun 0 not charged Elliott Firby was on his way home from work when a car started following him. When he pulled up to his house, the driver stepped out, leveled a shotgun at him and politely demanded his money. Instead, Firby fired his own weapon, a handgun he had a permit to carry. The would-be robber, 16 at the time, fled, wounded but alive. "You have to do something to protect yourself," Firby told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune at the time. "The police can't be there all the time."
2009 Orlando Orange Anthony Julien
Peter Julien
Brandon Martinez
Jonathan Rodriguez
Home invasion gun 1 not charged Two brothers came home to find intruders in their house. They approached them with guns and when they saw one of the men aiming his own gun, they opened fire. One robber wound up dead and another was wounded. "I could have called 911 and in two days they let him go and they do it again," Anthony Julien was quoted as saying in the Orlando Sentinel after the break-in. "We shot first and then called 911."
2009 Tampa Hillsborough Marcos A. Trujillo
Carlos Ibanez
Trespassing gun 1 not charged Marcos Antonio Trujillo shot and killed a Seventh-day Adventist on a spiritual high. Neighbors said the man had been pounding on windows and doors in the New Tampa apartment complex. Witnesses describe a man out of control but not necessarily threatening. Before he approached Trujillo's apartment and began banging on his windows, the victim, Carlos Humberto Ibanez, was doing cartwheels and banging on cars hard enough to set off alarms. He was unarmed. He lived in the same neighborhood as the shooter.
2009 Key West Monroe Nicholas Ferro
Marques Butler
Argument turned violent knife 1 pending There was a clash between some local men and a group from Hollywood at Fantasy Fest in 2009. While the out-of-towners were waiting for a cab, there was an exchange of words which escalated into a street fight and Zachary Ferro fatally stabbed Marques Butler in the abdomen with his pocket knife.
2009 Tallahassee Leon Edward M. Mederos
Derek Smith
Party/Bar Fight knife 0 pending Three friends, who were big Miami fans, went to pre-game festivities outside FSU’s Doak Campbell stadium in September of 2009. They engaged some FSU fans and in what started out as friendly banter about their teams, progressed to trading insults, and escalated into a physical altercation. Witnesses' accounts differ wildly and the parties involved admitted to drinking before the incident. Some thought ATF agent, Javier Ribas, was being strangled by FSU fan, Derek Smith, while others said they were just involved in a shoving match. Ribas' friend, federal immigration agent Edward Mederos, intervened brandishing his government issued knife and pulled him from danger. Mederos then went back and continued to fight with an unarmed Smith. It ended when Mederos stabbed Smith in the palm of his hand. Campus police arrived and arrested Mederos and charged him with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
2009 Orlando Orange Richard Edward Schultz
John Hilton
neighbor dispute gun 0 granted immunity Richard Schultz went to the home of a neighbor and the two argued. Schultz, who was armed with a gun, claimed that Hilton charged at him with a screwdriver and he shot him multiple times. Schultz was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
2009 Land O'Lakes Pasco Douglas Cevallos
Dustin Sean White
Fight at bar/party gun 1 guilty Douglas Cevallos Jr., 19, and Dustin Sean White, 17, were guests at a party when a fight broke out outside. It's not clear why White or Cevallos were involved in the fight, but at some point during the scuffle a .40-caliber handgun fell out of the pocket of one of the fighters. Cevallos picked it up, according to Pasco Sheriff's officials. He waved it, pointed it and fired it, hitting White.
2009 Key West Monroe Zachary Kenneth Wilson
James Flannagan
Graig Perryman
Jason Walck
Unprovoked attack pvc pipe, rocks 0 plea Craig Perryman and James Flannagan were leaving the Bottle Cap bar about 4a.m. when they were approached by two men in the parking lot who said they were looking for a fight. Perryman and Flannagan told them to go away and when they turned to leave they were attacked. Flannagan was knocked out out and when he came to he saw Zachary Wilson beating Perryman and heard him bragging about being a street fighter. Jason Walck ran outside the bar where he works to help and Wilson went after him, knocking him out with a knee to the face. Perryman was supposed to be married the next day but instead he was airlifted to a Miami hospital with fractures to his face and head. Wilson was charged with felony aggravated battery and two misdemeanor counts of battery.
2008 West Palm Beach Palm Beach Tony Hayward
Jyron Miles
Attempted robbery gun 1 acquitted Besides the shooter's word and a grainy surveillance video, jurors had little to go on when deciding if Tony Hayward was defending his life when he shot and killed Jyron Miles, 22. Hayward, then 19, and his father were delivering newspapers when Miles appeared at about 3 a.m., according to newspaper reports. They said Miles aggressively demanded "is you straight?" a phrase sometimes used to see if someone has drugs. The father and son said Miles then reached for what they thought was a gun, so the teen fired. The video did not show whether Miles had a gun, but police did not find one when they arrived.
2008 South Beach Miami-Dade Nadim Yaqubie
Robert Camacho
Dispute over money/property knife 1 pending While visiting Miami from New York City, Nadim Yaqubie bought the ID card of Robert Camacho, a 50-year-old homeless man, from a third party for $50. Camacho then confronted Yaqubie as he stood in line at a club and demanded his ID back, saying Yaqubie was only "renting" it. He threatened Yaqubie, and Yaqubie, 19, ran off into an alley. During a struggle in the alley, Yaqubie stabbed Camacho, who was unarmed, four times with a 7- to 8-inch knife. Yaqubie then took a taxi to a Domino's Pizza and returned to his hotel. The next night, while partying at a Miami nightclub, his fake ID was seized and he confessed to police, saying he had killed Camacho in self-defense.
2008 Rubonia Manatee Tavarious China Smith
Nikita Williams
drug deal gone wrong gun 1 not charged Tavarious China Smith said he was in Rubonia selling drugs when someone told him that Nikita Williams and his brother were on their way. Williams had said he would kill Smith if he didn't give him 10 percent of profits from his drug deals. Smith claimed that Williams pulled a gun on him, though at least one witness said Smith was unarmed. Smith pulled his own gun out and killed Williams. A juvenile witness to the shooting was unwilling to cooperate, according to police. Smith was not arrested. A few days after Williams' death, two men dressed in black firebombed a house in Palmetto and shot at its occupants as they tried to leave, wounding one resident. Three women and two children were displaced by the fire. Though the perpetrators were never identified, the firebombing was believed to have been targeting Smith, who often stayed with a relative in the area. But they hit the wrong home -- Smith was in hiding elsewhere.
2008 Fort Lauderdale Broward Julio Cruz
Terrance D. Gulley
Neighborhood dispute gun 0 pending Terrance Gulley said he and his wife had stopped by to chat with a friend outside the friend's apartment and were still in their vehicle when Julio Cruz began banging on the hood. Cruz told police he had been woken up by Gulley and his friend's loud arguing and went out to confront them. When Gulley got out of the car, Cruz told police, he thought the man might hit him. So Cruz pulled a handgun from under his bathrobe and yelled, "Get the f___ off my property or I'll shoot you.'' Gulley left without incident and flagged down a police officer. Cruz was charged with assault and later argued he was standing his ground. Cruz told police he did not have a concealed weapons permit.
2008 Pembroke Pines Broward James Patrick Wonder
Donald Pettit
Road rage gun 1 pending James Wonder and Donald Pettit began arguing with each other in what authorities described as a road rage incident. Wonder pulled over into a post office parking lot and Pettit followed to continue the argument. Pettit, a federal customs agent, had his 12-year-old daughter with him and left his gun in his car when he got out to confront Wonder. Wonder did not call police after he shot Pettit and tried to hide his involvement by coloring his hair and renting a car.
2008 Miami Lakes Miami-Dade Gabriel Mobley
Rolando Carrazana
Jason Jesus Gonzalez
Fight at bar/party gun 2 pending Gabriel Mobley and a group of friends started an argument with two other patrons over girls. Eventually everyone seemed to make up, according to witnesses. But when the bar closed at Chili's, the argument turned violent outside. After one of the men punched Mobley's friend in the face, Mobley shot and killed both of them. Witnesses and videotape of the incident convinced prosecutors Mobley was not acting in self-defense. Instead, one of the victims had his hands up when he was killed and the other did not seem to be reaching for a weapon as Mobley claimed. Neither of the victims was armed.
2008 Thonotosassa Hillsborough Willard "Joey" McCullen
Devin Lively
Dispute over money/property gun 1 guilty Willard J. McCullen shot his cousin after a dispute over $60. According to the victim's mother, McCullen shot him in the back and then again in the chest when he turned around. McCullen told investigators he was an NRA member and knew he had a right to shoot.
2008 Thonotosassa Hillsborough Charles Podany
Casey Landes
Citizen enforcing the law gun 1 granted immunity Charles Podany, 49, saw a truck speeding through his neighborhood and called 911. The operator told him to get the truck's tag number, so Podany grabbed his gun and rode his bike down the street. When he reached the home where the truck was parked, one of the truck's passengers, Casey Landes, hit Podany in the face and knocked him off his bike. The driver testified that his friend, who was drunk, was beating up Podany in a one-sided fight before Podany shot him in the head with a .40-caliber handgun. "The guy was scared, man," the witness, Evin Aguayo, said. Although Landes was unarmed, Podany was smaller than his attacker.
2008 Miami Miami-Dade Maurice Moorer
Eddy Moore
Domestic dispute gun 1 not charged Maurice Moorer fired more than a dozen shots at his ex-wife's boyfriend, killing him in his car. The shooting occurred after a dispute between Moorer and Eddy Moore earlier in the day. Moore was sitting in his car outside Moorer's house when Moorer stepped outside with a gun and shot at least 15 times. Police argued he had lured his rival to the house. But Moorer said Moore had been threatening to kill him and appeared to be reaching for a gun. Police found a gun in his back seat under some laundry.
2008 Cocoa Beach Brevard Richard Fortner
Marion Christopher Kachnik
Fight at bar/party gun 1 guilty Richard Carvell Fortner got angry during a card game because one of his guests was helping another player. The host, then 70, began arguing with Marion Kachnik and eventually retrieved his gun. Fortner argued that he only intended to make Kachnik leave but when the guest put him in a headlock, he had no choice but to fire. The first two shots struck the 68-year-old Kachnik's legs; the third his head. Fortner's attorney argued he was defending himself in his home and that the victim's actions amounted to burglary and assault.
2008 Tavares Lake Brian Boardway
Gloria Rodgers
Daniel Rodgers
Alleged home invasion gun 1 guilty Brian Boardway, unemployed and living in a trailer owned by his mother, wounded her and killed his stepfather when he fired on them after they showed up for a visit. Boardway said he awoke that day to what he thought was an intruder. He testified that he didn't see his mother and that he told an unidentified man to leave. The man, Boardway's stepfather Daniel Rodgers, only laughed and reached for a gun, Boardway said. Circuit Judge Mark Nacke rejected Boardway's self-defense claim, and a jury later convicted him of second-degree murder. Rodgers and his wife were unarmed.
2008 Hudson Pasco Anthony Boglino
Haigh Frank Kopoain
Argument turned violent gun 0 acquitted Anthony Boglino and Haigh Frank Kopoain were standing in their neighbor's yard when they started arguing. Boglino, 64, testified he got scared when a yelling Kopoain charged at him. He said arthritis in his hands prevented him from defending himself against the much younger man, so he fired his pistol, wounding Kopoain. Boglino was charged with attempted murder.
2008 Boca Raton Palm Beach Harold Govoni
Michael N. Russo
Citizen enforcing the law gun 0 dismissed Harold Govoni, a retiree and captain of his community's neighborhood watch, said he got a complaint that juveniles were in his neighborhood smoking marijuana. He said when he tried to get them, they jumped over a wall and went to the adjacent shopping center. Govoni said he went home, got his gun, then went to the shopping center where he found five young men sitting in front of a Marshall's. The young men said they had just eaten at Burger King and were waiting for a mom to pick them up when Govoni came up, pointed a handgun at them and told them to put their hands up on the wall and get down on their knees. He accused them of smoking dope on his property. One boy's mother drove up as this was happening and Govoni pocketed his gun. She asked Govoni if he was a police officer. When he said no, the mother told the boys to get into the car and she drove away while calling 911. Govoni also called 911 from the scene but left before police arrived. The arresting officer interviewed all parties, the mother and a store manager who witnessed the scene and corroborated the boys' account.
2008 Valrico Hillsborough Nathan McReynolds
Troy Absher
Drug deal gone bad gun 1 guilty Troy Absher, 36, went to Nathan McReynolds' house in Valrico to buy drugs. McReynolds was sitting in his GMC conversion van in his driveway when Absher and his girlfriend pulled in next to the van. McReynolds and Absher began arguing and Absher was shot in the head. He later died. McReynolds fled the scene and was caught the next morning at a Tampa motel. He said Absher had threatened to fight him and his gun accidentally went off when Absher opened the door to get out of his car. A third man, who had sold McReynolds meth in the past, witnessed some of the incident because he pulled up on the other side of McReynolds' van during the argument.
2008 Port St. Lucie St. Lucie Anusha Bissoon
Christopher Sule
Road rage knife 1 not charged Anusha Bissoon fatally stabbed a man who was attacking her boyfriend after a road rage incident. At least one witness told investigators he believed the boyfriend would be dead if she had not used the knife. Prosecutors said it was that eyewitness testimony that convinced them to drop the case, the Palm Beach Post reported in September 2008.
2008 St. Petersburg Pinellas Paul McCummisky
Michael Parhan
Argument over love interest gun 0 guilty Paul McCummiskey and Michael Parham's friendship became strained when Parham divorced his wife and McCummiskey developed a friendship with her. Things came to a head when McCummiskey followed Parham one day and called him names. At one point, Parham reached into McCummiskey's car and grabbed his shirt, McCummiskey told police. That's when McCummiskey fired his gun, missing Parham.
2008 Tallahassee Leon Jeffrey Brown
Jamal Taylor
Andrae Tyler
Michael Jackson
Gang shootout gun 1 granted immunity A street shootout in Tallahassee between two groups of men left a suspected gang member, 15-year-old Michael Jackson, dead. Prosecutors charged the man who brought Jackson to the shootout, 20-year-old Jamal Taylor, with manslaughter. Also charged with manslaughter were two members of the rival group, Jeffrey Brown, 23, and Andrae Tyler, 23. The person who shot Jackson was not identified. Both groups said the other side fired first in the gun battle which was in retaliation for an earlier argument and shooting. Police said more than 30 shots were fired during the Holton Street incident.
2008 Tampa Hillsborough Jeffrey Lew
Emmanuel Bellevue
Dispute over money/property gun 0 not charged Jeff Lew was leaving Club Prana where he worked as a promoter in the early morning hours when he was approached by two men. One of the men had been fired by Lew earlier in the evening and thrown out of the club. The man's friend, Emmanuel Bellevue, demanded that Lew pay his friend and pushed Lew in the chest. Lew grabbed his gun from his car and, in the ensuing scuffle, hit Bellevue on the head with the butt. The gun flew out of Lew's hand and both men raced for it, with Lew grabbing it first. A few seconds later, the gun went off and the bullet was later retrieved from a nearby building. Lew left the scene and was arrested in St. Petersburg later that day. Bellevue was present at the scene when police, hearing the gunshot, arrived. Lew told police he saw "something shiny" in Bellevue's hand and was in fear for his life. He said Bellevue also grabbed $150 Lew was holding in his hand and he feared the victim was going to rob him.
2008 Tampa Hillsborough Yajaira Jimenez-Castillo
Ramon Arzola
Alleged sexual assault knife 1 guilty Jimenez-Castillo, 15, said she was defending herself from sexual assault when Ramon Arzola tried to grab her breast and pulled a knife. She said she fought back, taking the knife then stabbing Arzola — 74 times. Jimenez-Castillo was drunk and high at the time of the killing.
2008 Cottondale Jackson Alan Rice
Keith Bailey
argument turned violent knife 0 guilty Alan Rice said he was at a party when an altercation broke out and Keith Bailey and another man kicked and pepper-sprayed him. Rice stabbed Bailey 13 times and claimed self-defense under SYG. Rice left the scene and went to the home of a former boss to clean up, later saying he fled without calling police because he had panicked.
2008 New Port Richey Pasco Max Wesley Horn
Joseph Martell
Fight at bar/party gun 1 acquitted Max Wesley Horn Jr., 46, shot and killed Joseph Martell, 34, after an argument outside a bar during the annual Chasco Fiesta in New Port Richey. Martell had exchanged words with friends of Horn's during the day, and they encountered each other later that night when Martell emerged from Hot Shotz and, according to Horn, threatened his sister-in-law. Horn lifted his shirt to show a gun in his waistband and said he would shoot Martell, who was dragged away to another bar. He returned shortly. Witnesses gave differering accounts of what happened next. Some say Martell punched Horn. Others didn't see a punch. Horn fired at Martell six times until the gun jammed.
2008 Tallahassee Leon Ernestine Broxsie
Elbert Johnson
Dispute over money/property gun 1 granted immunity Ernestine Broxsie was renting her Tallahassee mobile home to Elbert Johnson while she was living in Winter Haven. During a visit to Tallahassee she was staying at the home and accused Johnson of stealing some of her personal items. Broxsie said Johnson reacted violently and threw her against the kitchen cabinets, choked her and threatened to kill her. Broxsie said she grabbed a pistol that happened to be on the counter and the two fought over it until it accidentally discharged. Johnson stumbled outside and collapsed dead on the porch steps. Broxsie was holding a rag to the wound, attempting to stop the bleeding, when the police arrived. She told investigators she had fired only once, but they found two spent bullet casings. Prosecutors argued that Broxsie would have had to have cocked and fired the gun twice, raising doubts about her version of events. Her wounds and the disarray of the house, however, supported her version of events.
2008 Melbourne Brevard Kunta Grant
Daniel Amore
Domestic dispute knife 1 granted immunity Kunta Grant called 911 to report an altercation with a teenager for whom he was legal guardian. Grant was heard on the call saying, "I'm going to kill you." Police arrived minutes later to find the victim, Daniel Amore, dead in the doorway of the home. Amore had been stabbed once in the chest with a kitchen knife. Grant said Amore, 18, was being disrespectful and he told the boy to leave the house. Grant said Amore hit him in the mouth, then walked out to the carport and smashed a window. The two men then faced off in the doorway, and Grant said Amore punched him once again. Grant then stabbed the teen, killing him. The victim's brother, who was at home during the killing, said the two men fought all the time. "I can't believe it went that far," he said. Daniel Amore had been arrested twice before on charges of battery against Grant. The victim and his brother lived with Grant; their mother had recently been trying to get them to relocate to live with her in Boston.
2007 Pinellas Park Pinellas William Hyatt Stieh
Daniel Conneally
Dispute over money/property knife 0 granted immunity William Hyatt Stieh stabbed Daniel Conneally in a dispute over a missing wallet after the two men were involved in a sexual encounter in a hotel room with Conneally's girlfriend and a third man. Conneally and his girlfriend left the hotel and returned angrily when they realized their wallets were missing. Conneally initiated a physical confrontation and Stieh said he stabbed the unarmed man three times only after trying to get away from him repeatedly.
2007 Palm Bay Brevard Adam Suarez
Anthony Giuffrie
William Louis Pelletier
Home invasion gun 0 not charged Adam Suarez said he saw his brother, Abraham, getting beaten up by a robber who had broken into his home and did what anyone would have done, fired his gun. The would-be robber was beating his brother with a flashlight. According to police, Anthony Giuffrie and William Louis Pelletier Jr. were wearing bandanas on their faces and claiming to be Palm Bay police officers so they could get into the home. Suarez said he fired several warning shots into the ground before struggling with Giuffrie. That's when he shot the man in the buttocks. Giuffrie survived.
2007 Land O'Lakes Pasco Sean Christopher Stewart
James Scott Baisden
Argument turned violent gun 1 pending Sean Christopher Stewart, 37, claimed self-defense for fatally shooting James Scott Baisden, 34, at Baisden's Land O' Lakes house on Dec. 2, 2007. Witnesses said Stewart, who was drunk, was yelling about someone stealing his guns and Baisden was trying to calm him. Stewart reportedly pushed Baisden into a bookcase, hit him over the head with a piece of wood, then left the house, returning minutes later with a gun. Stewart then shot Baisden twice in the chest. Stewart told police he shot in self-defense. "I'm going to stand my ground, dude," he told a detective. "Jeb Bush said I could." A jury rejected the defense.
2007 Tallahassee Leon Zackery Peterson
Nathanial Akbar
Dispute over money/property gun 0 guilty Zack Peterson shot his brother, Nathanial Akbar, in the arm in the escalation of what a police report says began as a verbal argument over clothing. Zack Peterson claimed that his brother advanced at him first. Others said Peterson went into his bedroom, retrieved his pistol, then charged his brother. Another brother, Edward Peterson, refused to complete a sworn statement and numerous people in the area at the time said they saw nothing and refused to cooperate, the report says. Peterson was charged with attempted first-degree murder.
2007 Oldsmar Pinellas Craig Auclair
Scott Baptista
Fight at bar/party gun 0 not charged Craig Auclair, a Pinellas County car salesman, shot a man following a bar room argument over cigarettes. Prosecutors said Auclair started the fight, but tried to back away when it escalated outside the bar. He fired a warning shot and called 911. Dispatchers caught the rest of the confrontation -- including the gunshot victim daring Auclair to fire -- on tape. An independent witness who saw the incident convinced investigators Auclair was defending himself.
2007 Winter Park Orange John Charles Gray
John S. Tillman
Road rage gun 0 plea John Charles Gray Jr. leveled his revolver at another driver after the two engaged in a heated road rage incident near Tampa. John S. Tillman said he feared for his life when Gray pointed the gun and yelled he would blow his brains out. But Gray eventually argued he was just defending his life by standing his ground against a driver out of control. The two never came to blows, but Gray was arrested after Tillman called police and directed them to Gray.
2007 Pensacola Escambia Sheri Lovvorn
Kenneth Russell Pike
Burglary gun 0 not charged Sheri Lovvorn shot and wounded a burglar, Kenneth Pike, after she found him inside her home. The shooting took place after Pike ran out the door past Lovvorn and her pregnant daughter-in-law to a vehicle driven by his accomplice. Lovvorn fired a shot through the car's windshield, striking Pike in the shoulder, after the car came toward her.
2007 Cocoa Brevard Howard Strickland
Anthony Pignataro
Fight at bar/party knife 1 plea Howard Strickland was hosting a keg party with his girlfriend when Anthony Pignataro allegedly slapped her. The incident sparked a fight, and Strickland pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed Pignataro in the abdomen. The unarmed man died at the hospital.
2007 Hollywood Broward Ricardo Velasquez
Gustavo Giraldo
Joanna Regueira
Dispute over money/property knife 0 plea The day after arguing with the victim and his girlfriend over money, Ricardo Velazquez, an Opa-locka laborer, said he got a text message from the two, asking him to come to their apartment in Hollywood. When Velazquez got there, police say he rushed past Joanna Regueira, stabbing her in the head, and attacked her boyfriend, Gustavo Giraldo. In the ensuing scuffle, all three were stabbed multiple times and Velazquez was left in critical condition. However, the state charged Velazquez with attempted second-degree murder. .
2007 Lehigh Acres Lee Justin Marcoux
Victor Howren
Burglary gun 0 not charged Justin Marcoux shot and injured a man who later told police he had been trying to steal a generator from the shooter's property. Marcoux said he could not see the man well and fired because he feared the burglar might be armed. He said he fired once more at Victor Alan Howren as he fled in his car. Howren, who was unarmed, survived.
2007 Riviera Beach Palm Beach Timothy McTigue
Michael Palmer
Argument turned violent gun 1 acquitted Michael Palmer, 23, started a fight with Timothy McTigue that landed both boaters in the water. As they fought, McTigue said, Palmer tried to drown him. McTigue, then 44, shot Palmer in the back of the head as he was climbing out of the water. Prosecutors said the younger man was in retreat and unarmed. They cited physical evidence showing the two men were not close together when the shot was fired. But a jury found McTigue not guilty in the slaying.
2007 Tallahassee Leon Jimmy Hair
Charles Harper
Fight at bar/party gun 1 granted immunity After an altercation in a nightclub, Jimmy Hair shot and killed Charles E. Harper, who had forced his way into a car in which Hair was a passenger. The two tussled while a third man tried to drag the unarmed Harper away. Prosecutors pursued charges, in part, because Harper was being pulled from the car when he was shot in the forehead.
2007 Safety Harbor Pinellas James Elrod
Bob McCullen
Fight at bar/party none 1 granted immunity James Elrod, 40, and Bob McCullen, 53, were arguing at a bar when McCullen approached Elrod, putting his hand on the man's shoulder or neck. Elrod reacted by extending his arm, striking the victim with an open palm. McMullen fell to the ground and died 10 days later in the hospital.
2007 Jacksonville Beach Duval Charles Wesley Hammonds
Randolph Ragan Hicks
Argument turned violent knife 0 not charged Charles Wesley Hammonds, a homeless man who had more than a dozen arrests in his past, stabbed another homeless man on the public beach walkway in Jacksonville Beach. Hammonds said he was defending himself from Randolph Ragan Hicks, who he said smashed his head with an oar after a dispute over beer. Hicks said Hammonds ambushed him by pretending to shake his hand then slashing him with a knife. Hicks had a collapsed lung but survived. Witness testimony clashed with Hicks' version of events. And Hammonds had a head injury consistent with being hit by a blunt object.
2007 Daytona Beach Volusia Walter Watson
Thomas Lockhart
Attempted burglary gun 0 not charged Walter Watson heard a noise one night and stepped outside to find a man near his garage. He said the prowler told him to turn off the flashlight or "I'll kill you." The 70-year-old Watson fired his gun three times, wounding Thomas Lockhart.
2007 Wellington Palm Beach William T. Wilkerson
Jason Bradley Payne
Fight at bar/party gun 1 acquitted Jason Payne, 22, drunk and angry at another man for flirting with his girlfriend, ordered him to leave a birthday party. As he left, witnesses said, William T. Wilkerson flashed a gun and threatened to kill Payne. Payne followed him to his truck and punched out Wilkerson's truck window, prompting Wilkerson to fire his handgun three times. Two shots to the chest killed the unarmed Payne. Wilkerson drove away but was quickly stopped by an officer who happened to be nearby.
2007 Deerfield Beach Broward Hygens Labidou
Edward Borowsky
Steven V. Lonzisero
Road rage gun 1 not charged Hygens Labidou was confronted by two men who yelled at him for his driving then stopped their pickup truck in front of his and threatened him. Labidou, who is black, told police the men pounded on his truck and yelled racial slurs. He said one of the men, Steven Lonzisero, carried a knife. Labidou stayed in his car and fired his gun, striking both men and killing 28-year-old Edward Borowsky. Sheriff's detectives initially arrested Lonzisero on murder charges for his role in his companion's death, but prosecutors declined to pursue those charges. Labidou, who had a concealed weapons permit, was not charged. He called 911 after the shooting.
2007 Orlando Orange Anup Patel
Lucious Nicardo Carroll
Burglary gun 1 not charged Worried after break-ins, convenience store owner Anup Patel was sleeping in his shop when Lucious Carroll broke in. Patel fired 14 shots and killed Carroll.
2007 Dunedin Pinellas Charles Regan Markham
Darren Lopaciuk
Argument turned violent gun 0 granted immunity Charles Markham was playing racquetball with his children on Thanksgiving Day when he had a confrontation with another father and pulled out his gun. Markham and the other father, Darren J. Lopaciuk, disagree about how the argument started and whether Markham pointed his gun at the ground or at Lopaciuk. Markham also said the other father threatened to "beat the hell" out of him, which Lopaciuk disputed. Lopaciuk was 8 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier than Markham.
2007 North Fort Myers Lee Harold McDaniel
Benjamin Johnson
Roommate dispute machete 0 granted immunity Harold McDaniel came home after midnight with a swollen eye and told his mother he'd been in a verbal and physical altercation with a former tenant, Benjamin Johnson. Shortly after, Johnson knocked on the door. McDaniel unlocked the door and his mother opened it. Johnson, who was drunk, began to walk into the house saying he wanted to get some things he had left behind. The mother pushed Johnson back, trying to prevent him from entering and McDaniel struck Johnson twice with a machete, cutting him in his scalp and forearm. McDaniel said he was defending himself and his mother. Johnson claimed he had a right to be in the home because he was still paying rent and the mother had let him enter. McDaniel said Johnson had forced his way into the home. McDaniel was arrested on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
2007 Lake Wales Polk Terald Redding
Leroy Scarlett
Argument over love interest knife 0 acquitted Terald Redding saw his girlfriend sitting in the back of Leroy Scarlett's pickup, and an argument ensued. Redding pulled a knife, and Scarlett pulled a heavy stick from the back of his truck. Scarlett hit Redding in the head, Redding grabbed Scarlett, cut his face and stabbed him in the chest. Redding's girlfriend, who witnessed the fight, said Scarlett's face was "hanging" after Redding slashed him. His friends drove him to a hospital, where police interviewed him.
2007 Tampa Hillsborough Joseph Pupello
Shane McLaughlin
Steven Stearns
Argument turned violent gun 0 not charged Joseph Charles Pupello Jr. and two friends had pulled into a friend's driveway when another car pulled in behind him and two men jumped out. Steven Stearns began pounding on Pupello's car window and dragging him from his car; Stearns' friend, Shane McLaughlin, was behind him. As Pupello was being dragged from the car, he pulled a pistol from his waistband and wounded the two men. He claimed McLaughlin had a gun and he was in fear for his life; police never found any evidence McLaughlin was armed. Pupello ran off after the shooting and his friend drove off in his car. Stearns was left bleeding in the driveway; McLaughlin got back into the Cadillac and was driven by his friend to Tampa General Hospital. Both men survived. The police report says Pupello and the two men had been feuding, though the exact reason for the feud was unclear.
2006 North Fort Myers Lee Todd Rasmussen
Michael D. Frazzini
Neighborhood dispute gun 1 not charged Michael D. Frazzini, 35, went to his mother's house to investigate claims that neighbors were harassing her, specifically 22-year-old Corey Rasmussen, who, she said, had taken her car keys. Frazzini, dressed in sweat clothes and a camouflage mask, hid in the back yard. When the Rasmussens spotted someone behind the house, Corey Rasmussen jumped the fence into a utility easement where they encountered Frazzini carrying something in his hand. It was a souvenir baseball bat. Corey's father, Todd, instructed his daughter to retrieve his .357 revolver. He saw his son and the masked man facing off, he told police, yelled a warning and then fired one shot into Frazzini's chest. Frazzini fell face down onto a manhole cover. It is still in dispute whether Frazzini was in his mother's yard when he was shot, though the police report lists the Rasmussen property as the scene of the incident.
2006 Milton Santa Rosa Brandon Ward
Joseph Hall
Joey Ruinato
Fight at bar/party knife 1 guilty Brandon Michael Ward, a U.S. Marine, stabbed two teens he said attacked him first after an altercation at a party, killing one. The surviving stabbing victim said they were just trying to protect a 16-year-old girl from a man they thought was abusing her. They were escorting Ward's girlfriend home from the party when Ward attacked them, according to surviving victim Joseph Ruinato. During the investigation, one witness gave conflicting testimony. She said the two men Ward stabbed had first chased him. She later changed her testimony, saying Ward hid in the bushes, then ambushed the two men.
2006 Port Richey Pasco Jacqueline Galas
Frank Labiento
Unprovoked attack gun 1 not charged Jacqueline Galas, 23, a known prostitute, shot 72-year-old customer Frank Labiento in self-defense after he threatened her with a gun. Labiento was a longtime client of Galas. He threatened to kill her and then himself. Galas told officers she was able to calm Labiento, and he put the .357-caliber handgun on the kitchen table. When the phone rang, Labiento walked over to answer it and Galas picked up the gun. When Labiento began walking toward her, Galas fired one shot at his chest without warning. Investigators found a murder-suicide note.
2006 North Fort Myers Lee Donovan Blain Adams
Carrie Myers
Roommate dispute gun and concrete block 1 not charged During an argument, Carrie Myers shot her roommate Donovan Adams, who fled and hid under a car. When she walked by, he pulled her to the ground, smashed her head with a concrete block, took her gun and shot her in chest. Myers died.
2006 Sanford Seminole Greg McQuitter
Steven C. Johnson
Robbery gun 1 not charged Greg McQuitter, an Orange County Sheriff's deputy, was leaving a friend's house at about 2 a.m. when a man approached him. McQuitter said that man, 40-year-old Steven Johnson, tried to rob him. The off-duty deputy fired his gun three times, killing Johnson. No weapon was found on Johnson, the Orlando Sentinel reported in April 2006.
2006 Miami Miami-Dade Damon "Red Rock" Darling
Leroy "Yellowman" Larose
Sherdavia Jenkins
Gang shootout gun 1 guilty Nine-year-old Sherdavia Jenkins was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between two men that was possibly over drugs. The shooters were about 50 yards away from Jenkins, who was playing with a doll near the porch of her house. Darling said he feared Larose would pull a gun on him so he pulled his gun first but was acting in self-defense.
2006 Tampa Hillsborough Chyvas Peoples
Kim Lawson Holmes
argument turned violent knife 1 guilty According to the police report, there was large fight behind the Club Empire during which Chyvas Peoples tried to pull a black female from a car, shouting "I'm going to f--'' you'' and attempting to pull down her shorts. Kim Lawson Holmes tried to intervene and got into a verbal altercation with Peoples, who fatally stabbed him in the abdomen. As he was taken into custody, Peoples told an officer: "This is bullshit. Five guys jumped me, and no one wants to hear my side of the story."
2006 West Palm Beach Palm Beach Jose Tapones
Christopher Cote
Neighborhood dispute gun 1 acquitted Christopher Cote, 19, was walking his dog in the predawn hours on his new neighbor's property when the neighbor complained and an argument ensued. Soon after, Cote returned to Jose Tapones' property, honked his horn and knocked on his door to confront him about the dispute. Tapones, 62 at the time, said he was scared of the younger man so he answered the door with shotgun in hand. Tapones said he fired after Cote tried to come in his house. But prosecutors said if Tapones was scared, he could have stayed inside and called 911. Instead, as Cote's family watched, he stepped outside and shot the unarmed teen twice, killing him. Assistant State Attorney Andrew Slater argued that the second shot should not have been fired. "Cote (the victim) is stumbling. He is no longer a danger, and the defendant can see what is going on. Why fire a second time?" The victim's mother testified that 10 to 15 seconds passed between shots.
2006 Tampa Hillsborough Donald Rivera
Glen "Chuck" Rich
Dispute over money/property gun 1 guilty Tow company owner Donald Rivera (using the name Donald Montanez) shot and killed the owner of a car he impounded. Glen Rich tried to retrieve his car after it had been taken from a legal parking spot at the Sugar Shack strip club. He and his brothers accelerated their car toward Rivera, and Rivera said he fired in self-defense. But evidence showed the gun was fired as the car passed by. Key in this case: Prosecutors believed the shooter was involved in a questionable business operation, towing cars that were legally parked, taking them to a parking area he was not authorized to use and reaping the money for tows that never should have occurred.
2006 North Port Sarasota David Allan Dodd
Jerry Jay Koenig
Argument over love interest knife 1 dismissed David Alan Dodd and Kim Koenig were sleeping in a small car repair shop office when her ex-husband, Jerry Koenig, kicked in the door and attacked Dodd. They fought and Dodd repeatedly warned Koenig to get off him. Dodd grabbed a knife nearby and fatally stabbed Koenig in the chest. Dodd sustained extensive injuries to his head and face during the fight. Dodd was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.
2006 Jacksonville Duval Doug Freeman
Vincent Hudson
Attempted robbery gun 0 not charged Doug Freeman, owner of Marvin's Electronics, shot and injured a man who had entered the store and asked him for money. Freeman said he thought the man, who was unarmed, was reaching under his shirt for a gun after he demanded money. The man, Vincent Hudson, had been arrested 36 times since 1997, including for two unarmed robberies. Hudson claimed he was only asking for a handout. Freeman had shot and killed a man more than a decade earlier while he was working as a repo man. The earlier shooting had been deemed a justifiable homicide. Hudson was shot five times and spent several weeks in the hospital.
2006 Loxahatchee Palm Beach John T. Dorsey
Stephen Bunting
John Lott
Fight at bar/party gun 2 guilty John Dorsey showed up at a keg party and got into an argument with a group of young men who approached Dorsey as he was leaning against his SUV. John Lott, 19, punched Dorsey in the face and Dorsey pulled a gun and shot him and 20-year-old Stephen Beau Bunting, who had been egging his friend on. Dorsey jumped in his car and left; he said he was acting in self-defense. Though both victims were unarmed, they had a reputation for violence. Lott had a roll of coins wrapped in black electrical tape in his pants pocket.
2006 Jacksonville Duval Deounce Harden
Stevon Deon Mitchell
Argument over love interest gun 1 not charged Deounce Harden and Steven Deon Mitchell had argued in the past over Mitchell's ex-wife, whom Harden was dating. Harden showed up at the carwash where the Mitchell worked and the two men began arguing. Harden shot and killed his unarmed adversary in front of the business. Harden then called the police, who found him standing over the body, holding a gun.
2006 Stuart Martin Shawn Harshall
Derek Huffman
Argument turned violent knife 1 not charged Shawn Harshall and Derek Huffman argued over a pool game inside Hemingway's bar and later in the parking lot. Witnesses said Harshall tried to walk away from the fight, but Huffman wouldn't let it go. No one was around to see what happened, however, when the two men retired to the extended-stay hotel room they were sharing and Harshall stabbed Huffman to death. Harshall told police the other man threatened to kill him and threw him on the bed. So he grabbed a knife and stabbed Huffman. Harshall fled the scene but later turned himself in. The two men did not know each other well and were sharing a room while working a construction job. Huffman was unarmed.
2006 Dade City Pasco David Trombley
Joe Burke
Fight at bar/party pipe 1 plea David Trombley got into a drunken fight with his neighbor Joe Burke. Burke was injured and died of a ruptured spleen 10 days later. That night he told police he had swung at Trombley with a wrench and Trombley responded by swinging a metal pole at him. The pole hit his stomach and he later went to the hospital. Trombley said he was defending himself and others, but prosecutors said Burke was too far away when he swung the wrench to be any real threat.
2006 Dade City Pasco Manuel Molina
Michael Vaughns
Home invasion gun 0 not charged Manuel Molina, 32, caught a teenage burglar breaking into his home. Michael Vaughns, 16, broke away, but Molina chased him in a pickup. When he caught up to Vaughns, he got out and began firing at him then held the gun to his head to force him into his car. He told the teen he was a police officer. Vaughns was not injured.
2006 Fountain Bay Laurie Lynn Bartlett
Ernest Lamar
Domestic dispute knife 1 guilty In Feb. 2007, Laurie Lynn Bartlett was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing to death her live-in boyfriend with a knife at their trailer. She ultimately claimed she was defending herself from a drunken man trying to force himself on her, but only after first telling police Ernest Lamar had fallen on a knife accidentally. Evidence at the trial was not clear-cut. An expert testified that some forensic evidence suggested the woman had prodded or teased her boyfriend before stabbing him. Other evidence supported her claim that he lunged at her.
2006 Winter Haven Polk Michael T. Brady
Justin Boyette
Neighborhood dispute gun 1 not charged Michael T. Brady shot and killed a man in his front yard after the man and one of Brady's neighbors taunted him and came on his property. Brady said the men threatened him and that he fired his gun after one of them, Justin Boyette, came into his yard with his hand behind his back. Brady, 43 at the time, said he thought the 23-year-old was going to hit him. Brady said he had taken his gun and gone out into the yard to escort his wife into the house when she arrived home. The shooting victim was unarmed.
2006 West Palm Beach Palm Beach Norman Borden
Christopher Araujo
Juan Mendez
Saul Trejo
Argument turned violent gun 2 acquitted Norman Borden said he was walking his dogs when three men in a Jeep shouted threats at him and warned they had bats as weapons. Borden went into his home and came back out armed. He told his friends to leave the area. The Jeep returned, and Borden said they tried to run him down. He pulled a gun and shot five times through the windshield, then nine more times after the Jeep hit a fence post and stopped. His shots killed two men. Prosecutors conceded the first five shots were in self-defense but said Borden should not have moved around to the side of the car and fired more rounds. Borden knew at least one of the men and said he had heard him boast about owning two guns and about holding a gun to a woman's head. Police said one of the men was a member of a violent street gang. Authorities were concerned about violence during the trial, and officers ringed the courtroom to protect Borden, whose house was set on fire two days after the shooting. Police found a baseball bat in the victims' Jeep but no guns.
2006 Deltona Volusia Luis Perez
Roberto Legarreta
Domestic dispute gun 1 not charged Luis Perez was in his car waiting to pick someone up when his aunt's husband, 37-year-old Roberto Legarreta, charged at him with what Perez thought was a machete or crowbar. Perez said he couldn't get his keys out fast enough to drive away so he fired a gun he had next to him, striking the man five times. Some of the shots struck the victim's backside. Sheriff's deputies later recovered a 12-inch knife at the scene. Perez said he didn't know why the man charged him. But the victim's wife said Perez was yelling at her husband and calling him a "fool" before he fired. Perez sped away from the scene but soon stopped at a gas station, called police and waited for them to arrive. The wife told police she had begged her nephew to arrive 15 minutes later so her husband would not be there when he arrived.
2006 Orlando Orange Walt Plath
Theodore Carrington
Unprovoked attack gun 0 not charged A unnamed transient tackled Walt Plath from behind while he was walking his dog in the park. The man accused him of being a CIA agent and took his cell phone. Instead of fighting the man, Plath walked to his car and got his gun. He fired warning shot into the ground and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. There were no injuries.
2006 Casselberry Seminole Daniel John Metevier
Jason Granich
Francis Webster
Fight at bar/party gun 0 dismissed Maitland police officer Daniel John Metevier was off duty when he shot and wounded two people at a party, claiming he feared for his life. The men were playing poker at Francis Webster's house and refused to let Metevier join the game. The argument escalated and Jason Granich chased Metevier out of the house. Witnesses heard a gun shot and found Granich outside with a bullet wound. Webster took up the chase and Metevier shot him too before Webster managed to wrestled him to the ground. Both shooting victims survived. Metevier told investigators he had recently undergone knee surgery and was unable to defend himself without the gun, according to reports in the Orlando Sentinel.
2006 Okeechobee Okeechobee Clarence Dennis
Gloria McBride
Domestic dispute beer bottle 0 guilty Defendant, Clarence Dennis, hit Gloria McBride during domestic argument. He claimed he was defending himself after victim hit him in head with long-neck beer bottle. Dennis said the woman was injured by the broken bottle as they struggled.
2006 Pensacola Escambia Marilyn Caraway
Johnny Ray Clark
Alleged home invasion gun 1 not charged Marilyn Caraway shot and killed her former boyfriend after hearing a noise outside her home and seeing the silhouette of a "big man" she thought was breaking in at about 6:45 in the morning. Johnny Ray Clark, 45, told his parents he was going over to retrieve a scope for his gun. Clark was shot once in the chest while standing outside in front of an open sliding glass door.
2006 Navy Point Escambia Rhonda Eubanks
Vincent Demond Wesley
Attempted home invasion gun 1 not charged Rhonda Eubanks, a 57-year-old nurse at Baptist Hospital, shot a man who tried to get into her home at about 7:45 p.m. The man, 29-year-old Vincent Wesley, tried and failed to get in once, then tried to steal several cars, including an occupied vehicle, witnesses said. Then he returned to Eubanks' home and charged at her while she stood near her doorway with a gun. That's when Eubanks fired. Wesley was found face down under her carport, a few feet from her door. The shooter and victim did not know each other, investigators determined, even though he lived nearby. He was unarmed. Police later found drugs in his home, which had been ransacked. Investigators said at the time that Florida's "stand your ground" law did not impact their decision not to arrest the shooter.
2006 Orlando Orange Leon T. Cooper
Quinton Lawson
Domestic dispute gun 1 plea Leon T. Cooper was accused of getting into a fight with a family member and fatally shooting the man.
2006 Orlando Orange Michael Graham
Carlos J. Avilez
Attempted vehicle theft gun 0 not charged Michael Graham, 34, shot and injured Carlos Avilez, 15, in the back of the leg after the teen tried to steal his wife's car. Graham said he felt threatened by Avilez. A witness said the teen might have been fleeing when he was shot. Beyond responding to the incident the day it happened, detectives did no further investigation.
2005 Valrico Hillsborough David J. Heckman
Robert Carroll
Domestic dispute gun 0 acquitted David Heckman shot the father of his fiancee's children in the thigh after a fight over child visitation. During the argument, the two men damaged each other's cars. Heckman said he only shot at the other man after he picked up a flag pole, began beating his car and then made an aggressive move. That's when Heckman says he fired two shots toward the ground and one ricocheted into the man's leg. The victim argued that he was leaving when Heckman shot him in the leg.
2005 Tampa Hillsborough James Behanna
Robert Mears
Argument turned violent knife 1 plea Paralegal James Behanna fatally stabbed a man after he refused to leave the yard at his wife's Tampa law firm. Robert Mears Jr. was upset after a confrontation with his roommate and had walked to the nearby law office. Behanna came out with a shovel to keep Mears away from his wife and was attacked. When Mears finally began to walk away, Behanna followed him for about 150 feet. That's when he said Mears tried to choke him and he had to defend himself with a pocketknife. The second stab pierced Mears' heart. Mears was unarmed, and one witness said he only pushed Behanna.
2005 Pensacola Escambia Robert Peaden
Richard Piovesan
Dispute over money/property gun 1 not charged Robert Peaden had used a piece of wood belonging to Richard Piovesan to build a step. Piovesan, brother of Peaden's live-in girlfriend, demanded $40 for the lumber, but Peaden told him he was crazy because "the board done laid out there and rotted." The following day, Piovesan came into Peaden's trailer and started threatening him. As he approached, Peaden rolled his chair away from the door, then shot Piovesan "three or four times." Piovesan turned and ran from trailer only to die in an adjacent yard. The shooting occurred just 11 days after Florida's "stand your ground" law went into effect.
2005 Fort Myers Lee Samer Hasan
Elias Nazario
Citizen enforcing the law gun 1 acquitted After sending employees outside twice to tell a man to leave the parking lot of his grocery store, Samer Hasan grabbed a handgun and went outside himself. He told the man he believed was trying to buy drugs to leave or he would call police. Hasan told investigators that's when Elias Nazario hit or slapped his face and backed him against the side of his store. Hasan responded by fatally shooting Nazario in the chest with the Glock. Hasan previously had been threatened by local government officials with the closure of his store if he did not take steps to reduce drug activity near his address. Hasan was charged with manslaughter after an investigation.
2005 Dade City Pasco Derrick Hansberry
John Webster
Argument over love interest gun 0 acquitted The victim, John Webster, was playing basketball when Derrick Hansberry arrived with a gun. During a phone conversation earlier in the day, Hansberry had accused Webster of having an affair with his estranged wife. Witnesses, including Webster's wife, said Webster and Hansberry began fighting. Webster got Hansberry in a choke-hold. Hansberry said he began shooting to get free. The police report says Hansberry shot Webster once; when Webster got up and tried to run away, Hansberry pursued him and shot him at least four more times. Webster spent three weeks recovering. Hansberry was charged with attempted murder.