Gray Rico

Black male

Age at time: 34

Weapon: unarmed

Victim photo: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office


Marissa Alexander

Black female

Age at time: 31

Weapon: gun


Defendant photo: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Case type:
Domestic dispute

Private Property



Case year:

Location details: defendant's home in Jacksonville, Duval County, on Aug. 03, 2010

What happened: Marissa Alexander, a battered wife who had an injunction against her ex-husband, Rico Gray, said she fired a single shot to get him out of the house during an August 2010 dispute during which his two children were in the house. A judge denied a stand your ground motion, saying Alexander's decision to go back into the house armed with a gun was "inconsistent with a person in genuine fear of his or her life.''

The outcome: Alexander rejected a plea deal that would have given her a three year sentence and was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She faces a 20 year sentence. On May 3, another judge denied her motion for a new trial but said he would consider acquitting her on one of the charges based on the testimony of Gray's son that that he was not in fear of his life during the shooting.

Case decision made by: Judge

Trayvon Martin’s death became controversial because circumstances leading up to the shooting cast doubt on who was to blame. The Tampa Bay Times reviewed other “stand your ground” cases for similar circumstances. The Times relied on available information, some of which may not tell the whole story. When the situation was unclear, that was noted.

Yes No Unclear/

Did the victim initiate the confrontation?


Was the victim armed?


Was the victim committing a crime that led to the confrontation?


Did the defendant pursue the victim?


Could the defendant have retreated to avoid the conflict?


Was the defendant on his or her property?


Did someone witness the attack?


Was there physical evidence?


Source: Action News Jax, May 14, 2012. Link to original source

Source: Times Union, May 3, 2012. Link to original source

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Case last updated: Aug. 10, 2013